How Prince William Found The Silver Lining

Prince William is so not that guy.

Will Alexander/

There may have been gold, diamonds, sapphires, and pearls dripping from the wedding-of-the-century featuring my favorite royal couple, Kate Middleton and Prince William...but the lining remains silver.

The truth is, after everything Prince William has been through in his life, he could have turned out to be a royally hot mess. Sound dramatic? Welcome to mental health sans the BS my loves. Here we go...

As a child of divorce, Prince Will could have lost faith in the institution of marriage. Period. He could have decided that instead of putting himself in a position to be vulnerable to the pain his parents both undoubtedly experienced when their marriage ended, he would steer clear from the love and relationship department completely.

But, he didn't.

He could have been the guy who gets into a relationship because, of course, he's human and wants a relationship, but because of his deep seeded issues with commitment and his belief that nothing ever really works out the way he wants it to, he ends up cheating on or hurting every girl who is naïve enough to touch him with a 10-foot pole.

Ya, we've all dated that guy. He's an ass.

As a child of tragic loss -- losing his mother, Princess Diana, in 1997 -- Prince Will could have decided against opening himself up to become close to anyone, fall in love, count on anyone, or trust that anyone would be there for him forever. He could have become comfortable moving from relationship to relationship, girl to girl, so he could get his need for human contact and light attachment satisfied, without ever having to risk completely attaching, and therefore possibly getting hurt, or left, or worse... broken-up with. But, he didn't go there.

He could have become the guy who assumes everyone will eventually leave, either emotionally or physically, leading him to sabotage every relationship he gets into to avoid getting hurt. Or, he could have become the guy who, when he is broken up with, flips out because all of his unfinished business around the loss he experienced rages out in a messy, busting at the seams, jealous-off-his-rocker while totally unconscious way, never getting close to admitting he may have some issues. Yeah, those guys are awesome.

Prince William isn't any of those guys. He's the guy who took his tragedy, took his crisis, took his challenges... and used them to be better, stronger, and healthier. He's the guy who undoubtedly worked through a lot of pain, and became appreciative of love and attachment and consistency. He's the emotionally intelligent guy. The guy who isn't in denial. The guy who the strongest and most amazing women want to marry because owning, knowing, and working through your issues it is sexy as hell.

He's the guy who rocks the silver lining... the stuff that real Kings are made of. Cheers to you Prince Will. May every one of my ex-boyfriends take notice.

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