Kate Middleton's Freudian Nightmares on Eve of Royal Wedding

Naked in front of Queen Elizabeth? Perish the thought.

There is a book, based on several academic studies, about people who dream of the Queen. It is because she is a universal mother, to use the jargon, an archetype. When Diana died I spoke to people who dreamed of her consistently for months.

Now if we are to believe it, Kate is having night terrors of her own. She is reportedly so nervous about her wedding to Prince William on Friday that she is having a recurring nightmare of being naked at Westminster Abbey in front of her guests.

Kate Middleton is so stressed out about her wedding she is having a recurring nightmare of being naked in front of all her guests. The 29-year-old brunette will marry Prince William at London's Westminster Abbey on Friday, and although Kate can't wait to tie the knot she is anxious about appearing in front of 1,900 guests and a worldwide audience of at least two billion.

 A source told The Sun newspaper: "Kate has the last-minute jitters and just wants the day to arrive. It's hardly surprising considering the stage she is going to be on - with the eyes of the world on her.

"But her nerves have manifested in an interesting way. A recurring dream she hadn't had for years has raised its head again.

"She finds herself in front of the congregation and then becomes suddenly aware she is completely naked. There is a deathly silence - and everyone from Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip is starting at her.

"Kate has joked the worst bit is she can't work out which parts to cover."

Meanwhile, after spending last weekend together at the home of Kate's parents Carole and Michael Middleton in Bucklebury, Berkshire,South East England, a nervous William and Kate will now spend their last days as singletons apart.

While Kate will remain at home before traveling to London to stay in the Goring Hotel with her family on Thursday, William has returned to London to spend time with his father Prince Charles and best man and brother Prince Harry before his big day.

A friend told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Of course they are nervous and they have been using recent time to take stock and talk each other through the day. They are very much in love and can't wait to be married." 

BTW: I bumped into Huw Edwards who is doing the commentary for the BBC today. He has spent since January watching royal weddings down the ages, and boasts of viewing Princess Anne's wedding numerous times. It wasn't out of patriotic fever, but to get the pace of the commentary by that doyenne of sonorous royal voice over commentators, Tom Fleming.

Unlike Tom he aims to keep quiet during the solemn bits - notably the ceremony itself. So we can all hear if Catherine gets William's names in the right order. Now that's the stuff of nightmares...getting your husband to be's names wrong a la Diana and falling over whilst curtseying to the Queen

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