Penny Thornton: What do the Stars Hold for William and Kate?

Penny Thornton, Princess Diana's astrologer, looks to the stars for answers about Will and Kate's future.

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My initial impression of Kate, or rather Catherine, as she is to be known, is that she is something of an enigma.

A Capricorn with Venus and Mercury in Aquarius, she is a self-controlled, emotionally detached creature; one who is intensely private about her life and her feelings. Behind that beautiful face is a complex woman, the steel spine in the little black dress. But first things first.

Are they a good match?  The answer is yes, absolutely. They are mirror images of each other, and so as long as they are happy with themselves as individuals they will be in perfect harmony as a couple.  

Is this a marriage for love or convenience? In times past the spouse of the heir to the throne had to meet certain criteria -- this we know from the ill-fated marriage of Diana and Charles -- which tended to narrow the field considerably. Marriage was not necessarily an affair of the heart. According to his chart, by 2010 William was ready for marriage and with long-time girlfriend, Kate, already in tow he made his choice from the heart. This is definitely a marriage for love.  

Will the marriage last? If any couple can survive the rigors, repetitiveness, demands and disappointments of marriage it is William and Catherine - if they will be happy forever and true to each other is a different question...

Will they have a large family? I'm sure this is the intention, and as soon as possible; however, there are some indications of problems here. Should Catherine fall pregnant quickly there is a small danger of miscarriage and other complications.

So, why are they are good match? Born on 9 January, 1982, Catherine's sun in Capricorn makes her a polar opposite to William, who entered the world on 21 June with his sun in Cancer. In Jungian terms she is his anima.  There is a huge attraction between opposite signs, yet because the elements are compatible -- he water, she earth -- an intrinsic sympathy and give and take exists between them. However, make no mistake, Catherine is the parent in their relationship.

As a Capricorn, she takes control, is a responsible citizen and positively enjoys organizing anything from an event to a husband. William, on the other hand, loves being babied and held close to the bosom. He is his mother's son. Diana, of course, was a sun Cancer with her Venus in the exact same spot as William, so it is no surprise that he has consciously or unconsciously sought to replace his mother with his wife. Should William waver in his responsibility to the monarchy, Catherine will hold him to it.  

Another unifying feature of their horoscopes is that each of them has a moon in Cancer. Since the moon represents emotions, family patterns and instinctive responses, they do not have to work hard at being together - they are completely at home with each other. Diana would have approved. They also both have Mars in Libra giving them similar drives - no arguments about decor and home design - and their sex life should be fine.  

With a mere six-month age-gap they share many horoscopic features, which is a good thing in that they know how each other ticks, so to speak, yet a negative because they lack the contrasts, which would add more light, shade and depth to their relationship. On the other hand, because several of the more challenging angles in each birth chart are shared, the relationship becomes a vehicle for each of them to resolve their internal dilemmas. When I said that they would have a lasting marriage I didn't say it would be without tears and heartache.  

Particularly fascinating is the fact that William and Catherine were each born on an eclipse. On the day of William's birth there was a solar eclipse in Cancer, and on Catherine's a total lunar eclipse, also in Cancer. Centuries ago eclipses were considered omens of 'evil' but we modern astrologers hold a less extreme view: being born on an eclipse leads to a life of eventfulness. In their lifetime the British monarchy will change dramatically.  

Timing is another reason they are a good match. At 29 years of age, Saturn returns to its original position in each birth chart signifying the astrological coming-of-age. Thus, 2011 is the perfect year to marry and to make long-term decisions. At 29, you know who you are; you are ready to meet life on your own terms; you are no longer a reflection of other people's expectations. Had Diana been 29 when she married a 42 year old Charles, they might well be together now.

While I was working on William and Catherine's horoscopes, images of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra kept coming to mind. So pressing were these thoughts that I rolled out the charts of the royal couple who were on the throne from 1901 until 1910. How fascinating to discover that Edward and William share many astrological features, among the most significant being the same Ascendant in Sagittarius, virtually to the exact minute, and the moon in maternal Cancer. 

For different reasons both these men were abandoned by their mother - in Edward's case Queen Victoria had time and care for no one but her beloved Albert, and, of course, Diana died tragically when William was fifteen. Over the years, psychologists have cited Edward's lack of mother-love for his prolific womanizing and while I do not think William is carved out of the same philandering material, I am not convinced fidelity is his strongest suit.

Of course, all this remains to be seen in the fullness of time, but already observable is Catherine's grace and circumspection -- as were Queen Alexandra's -- and it isn't too much of a stretch to see this morphing into serene stoicism as a weaker, more emotionally-vulnerable William encounters a scandal or two.

The date and time of the wedding also has a part to play in this royal love story. And it was immediately obvious to anyone with a smattering of astrological know-how that this day had not been chosen with the stars in mind. I'm tempted to say that their marriage will survive in spite of the wedding day. At 11 am on 29 April, royal Leo rises with romantic Venus in pride of place at the zenith of the horoscope. All well and good; in fact very good until you notice that Venus is caught up in a truly ghastly alignment with volcanic Pluto and miserable Saturn. On the plus side, Venus-Saturn connections are appropriate for the legal and formal aspects of marriage but this bestows a grave and grey quality to the union, especially since Saturn is stationed at the base of the chart.

Last but not least, the moon is in mystical and romantic Pisces, but since it makes no connection to any other planetary body before it leaves the sign, it becomes what is known as a void-of-course moon, leading to a marriage of unfulfilled promise. My feeling is that personal, national or international events at the time of the wedding could mar the overall happiness of the occasion. Moving beyond the wedding day itself, these difficult alignments will present many challenges over the years. Keep your eyes trained on 2012-2014.

In a way it is right that the couple have chosen their own day, rather than one based on the advice of an astrologer. In tune with their own destinies, this is the day they came up with - the horoscope is a reflection of their future together. And it's not all bad. A Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries offsets some of the Saturnian gloom and adds an all's-well-that-ends-well feel to the picture.  

Let's believe in the indestructibility of their love and the positive role models they will become. Indeed, were they to have consulted me about the wisdom of their decision to marry I would give them an A-rating and open a bottle of Dom P to their brilliant future together. They may even save the British monarchy.

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