Magic in London's Air on Eve of Royal Wedding

Walking the course at midnight - reflections from the scene.

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LONDON - The Wedding Day has something long missing from this nation's capital: magic.
The austere grimaces of politicians and economists are forgotten. The crowd camped along the route from the Palace to the Abbey believe anything is possible. They wish for the prince and his redhead brother, Prince Harry to abandon the official wedding limo and ride horseback to the Abbey. It would electrify the people of these islands. For these are not ordinary princes in dressing-up box uniforms. Prince Harry has served in Afghanistan. Prince William is a hard-nosed helo pilot.

They represent among the wedding day crowds a generation putting their lives on the line. The Irish Guards at the Palace lost two guys in Afghanistan last month. When the wedding's over, they'll go back. No toy soldiers with wind-up drummer boys.

The royal brothers live in a world in which Britain is fighting its longest war since 1815. They do not hide from that world. Theirs is the real world of tragedy and mischief. A world of bloodied lost mates. No privilege station in life protects them from the grief in death. Maybe that's why London in these early hours is in love with Wills and Kate.

royal_fans_set_up_camp_02_wenn5644888.jpgThe sleepy bag crowds will tell you that's no bad thing. Today is the start of a special marriage for two fairy tale people; it's also the renewal of the marriage vows of the monarchy and its people. The Wills and Kate wedding is what Charles and Diana's should have been. That's why the crowds are ten deep in an increasingly happy London Town this morning. The young people have reconnected the monarchy to its people.

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Christopher Lee is a noted British historian, author and correspondent. Lee may be best known for his origination and writing on the 3-part BBC radio series, "This Sceptered Isle" and is a former BBC Royal Correspondent. He is advising BBC Radio 4 on the constitutional and historic aspects of the wedding…

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