Patriotic Brits, Romantic Yanks All Looking For A Story

On Friday, Britain will be staging the greatest show on earth...and boy is it going to be a jamboree.

LondonAndrew1.jpgI have been at Buckingham Palace this morning talking on New Zealand TV and I was blown away by the scale of the media village. Far bigger than anything before, easily dwarfing Di and Charles and Sarah and Andrew.

There are 8000 journalists all in search of the same fact. Amazingly, that great republic America makes up half the number of scribes, more than 4000 are here interviewing everything that moves. It seems that a royal wedding brings out the patriotic in the Brits and the romantic in the Yanks. The only thing the royal impresarios cannot control is the weather.

Worry not royal watchers, even if it rains on their parade the palace can be confident that they have put on a 'brolly' good show.

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