Pippa Update: Kate Moves Her In

Is she preparing to be her sister's lady-in-waiting?

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Things are getting interesting for Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge’s little sister Pippa Middleton. Britain’s Grazia magazine is claiming that "Kate is so bored while William is off on dangerous search and rescue missions in his helicopter that she has decided to take the sensible decision and move Pippa into the Palace."

Although Pippa still has use of the family’s Chelsea apartment, staying over with Kate, especially while she is doing up her cottage at Kensington Palace, looks like a good idea.

Pippa has also been seen walking along the beach with Kate near the Cambridges’ rented farmhouse in Anglesey. She must have been a welcome visitor as few of their friends want to make the long trek to the wild and windy spot where William and Kate have made a temporary home until he finishes his term of duty in 2013.


Kate and her sister have always been close; just 20 months apart in age, they are each other’s closest confidante. Pippa, along with their mother, Carole, are the two ladies Kate can totally trust and they will continue to play a big part in her life, even if Pippa, 28, does marry her handsome boyfriend, cricketer and banker Alex Loudon.


Now it is whispered Pippa could become Kate’s lady-in-waiting. This would not be so unusual. Diana eventually appointed her elder sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, as her lady-in-waiting, a role that involves being a travelling companion, keeping a repair kit of make-up, extra tights, and safety pins, and carrying some of the flowers handed over on walkabouts.

While we could see Pippa in that role one day, she is fast becoming a star herself. "Crazy About Pippa" was aired recently in the USA, and now a second programme based on Pippa’s life is being planned.

Adrian Munsey, a British composer and businessman who founded Odyssey Videos, told the Daily Mail’s diarist, Richard Kay: “All the other Royal Family members have had well-documented lives, but now we are being inundated with requests to make a biopic about Pippa after the wedding. She was such a tour de force, holding her own on Kate’s wedding day and looking after those small children. Pippa is the beautiful girl-next-door who every woman wants to be.”

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