Why The Queen Is Furious!

Do not upset the Queen, for thee shall perish!

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“The Queen is furious” - how often I’ve read that! According to the tabloids, she’s furious more often than John McEnroe. But this time she really is, and the cause of her anger is very simple: she’s caught her staff secretly giving reheated frozen meat to feed to her beloved corgis.

On her long summer break at Balmoral, she was shocked to find that the dogs’ supposedly freshly cooked meals were actually frozen and reheated. The Queen was livid when she made the discovery while dishing up her pets’ supper one evening.

An insider told the Daily Mail: “Quite simply she went bonkers. The Queen was half way through dishing out best quality cooked meat to her beloved dogs when she realised the centre of the dinner had not defrosted properly.

F2F15695DE5A833B3941A74245210.jpg‘For years she has always demanded that all food for corgis is 100 per cent fresh, and when she found out that cooks had not been following her instructions she let her feelings be known. A footman was summoned and told to go down to the kitchens where the chefs on duty were torn off a strip.”

Kitchen staff were warned that such dereliction of duty must never be repeated and the pampered pets must be served only top quality fresh meat.

The Queen always tries to serve the food to them herself around 5pm - so woe betide anyone trying to sneak in anything but the best again. The Queen likes to scoop the cooked meat into individual bowls, mixing in biscuits and home-made gravy with a fork.

Theories abound as to the culprit. The Queen’s top chef, Mark Flanagan was not present at Balmoral, but because of his reputation for cost-cutting methods, staff suspect that he might have made up batches of doggie dinners and frozen them to be reheated when required.

Currently the corgi pack is down to four: Linnet, Monty, Willow and Holly, plus three ‘dorgis’ - corgi-dachshund crossbreeds: Cider, Candy and Vulcan. In the Queen Mother’s day, visitors were often amazed to find that a dozen or so corgis and dorgis would precede the Queen and her mother into a room.

The dogs were always treated to the best food: “They’d have poached chicken or liver, or rabbits shot by William and Harry which we’d clean, cook, debone and chop for them,” said former royal chef Darren McGrady.

The royal family eat fresh meat, fish and game from their estates at Windsor, Sandringham and Balmoral. Dairy produce often comes from their own herds. Vegetables and fruit are grown in the kitchen gardens and greenhouses to supply the royal table as much as possible through the seasons. The royals’ insistence on fresh, organic produce for their own consumption is well known, and now it seems that their precious dogs must also be served only the best.

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