Manny Ramirez, Dumb as Ever, Arrested for Domestic Violence

Manny just being Manny doesn't cut it in the real world.

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Former MLB power slugger Manny Ramirez was arrested last night for alleged hitting his wife in the face during an altercation at their Weston, Florida home. Juliana Ramirez called police to report the incident and claims Manny struck her, which caused her to hit her head on the headboard on the bed in the couple's bedroom.

Manny-Ramirez3.jpgRamirez (left with wife Juliana), who posted the $2500 bail and was released this morning, claims he "grabbed" his wife, but the police report states Ramirez slapped his wife with an open hand, hard enough to leave red swelling on her face and a bruise on the back of her head. Juliana refused medical attention.

this-is-manny-ramirezs-mugshot-29230-1315889841-1.jpgAfter being released on bail, Ramirez got into an altercation with waiting media and was video taped angrily complaining in both Spanish and English that the incident was "none of your business." Manny was also caught grabbing a microphone from one particular aggressive reporter and throwing it out the window of a car driven by what seemed to be family members.

The last we'd heard from Ramirez was back in April, only five games into the 2011 baseball season, where he'd signed to a one-year $2m deal with the Tampa Bay Rays. Manny abruptly retired from baseball after it was discovered he'd once again failed routine drug testing for banned substances, which would have entailed a 100-game suspension.  Manny, already 38 and at the end of his flagging career, probably saw no point in continuing the charade.

I have both fond and negative feelings about Manny.  As a Clevelander and Cleveland Indians fan, I have seen the best and worst of Manny, both as a baseball player and a person.  Manny had moments of baseball brilliance and was an amazing hitter, but he was also a sloppy player who seemed to just space out for no apparent reason. His Cleveland manager Mike Hargrove coined the phrase, "Manny being Manny" to describe his sometimes inexplicable on-field screw ups, including missing balls that even the most mediocre outfielder would catch, getting hit on the head by routine fly balls, base-running idiocy, and just general dimwitted-ness.

Frankly, as an avid Indians fan, Manny was often the cause of jubilation and frustration, sometimes in the same game.  While with Cleveland, Manny had 236 home runs and 804 RBI in 967 games. Impressive to be sure, but this leaves out all the missed opportunities at greatness he just plain f*cked up because, well, he's stupid.  And I don't mean he acts stupid, I mean he's truly a simpleton. His lack of concentration, his inability to make wise decisions has always been an issue for him. However, much of his quirky behavior could be excused, and in some cases chalked up to Manny being well... Manny, but when you throw in a penchant for being an angry, mean-spirited douche, that changes things completely. Sadly, this is not Manny's one and only violent, thoughtless outburst.

In 2008, while with the Boston Red Sox, Manny was fined for shoving 64-year-old club executive and traveling secretary Jack McCormick to the ground after he told Manny his last minute request for 16 tickets to that evening's game might be difficult. Manny, after shoving McCormick then told him, "Do your fucking job." Who shoves old men to the ground? Oh wait, roided-up mentally-deficient assholes, that's who.

Of course there's all the bizarre mysterious illness and injuries throughout the years he used to either display flagrant laziness, disrespect for the game, or simply being pissed off about his contract situation.

Now there's the current incident, where Manny is essentially denying hitting his wife, despite evidence to the contrary. One has to wonder at what point does "Manny being Manny" cross over into Manny being a stupid, barely functioning adult?>

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