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Tom Cruise's Hollywood Hills home purchased in 2005.

For the first in our new series TMR Property Spy, we are recommending that anyone fascinated with celebrity homes takes a good look at Virtual Globetrotting. This is a terrific site where you can find lots of photographs and locations of stars’ houses.

Let’s start with that man of the moment, Tom Cruise. Just go to Virtual Globetrotting and type his name. Up come some of his houses, present, past and rented. You are offered 1 through 4 of 20 maps. If you click on this, they all appear. You may get a choice of some results in Google, Bing, and Yahoo maps. The original first page of results also offers 195 home-related results that give details of this star’s property empire at various stages of his life and his controversial marriages. You just have to work your way through them.

You can repeat the exercise for lots of celebrities. Let’s go for Bono, lead singer of U2, political lobbyist for poor nations, and strategic (but legal) tax avoider. Type in ‘U2 Bono’ and you can see his mansion in Killiney, Ireland, his waterside villa in Eze Bord de Mer in the French Riviera, the Clarence Hotel in Dublin that he co-owns with U2 band member, David Evans, known as The Edge. For good measure there is even a picture of Evans’ yacht Cyan. You can even see the school they went to in Ireland!

TMR Property Spy has also tracked down a short clip taken on the beach outside the Eze villa:

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