Troubled Past Results in Deportation for Comedian Russell Brand

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British actor Russell Brand was held in custody and deported on arrival in Japan Sunday while traveling with wife, Katy Perry, who is touring as part of her California Dreams 2011 World Tour. Perry tweeted her dismay to over seven million followers:

perry_1.jpg Perry also tweeted that Brand's deportation was due to "priors from over 10 years ago" most likely related to former drug convictions, but followed up with good humor that "the show #MUSTGOON no matter the daily aftershocks or husband kidnappings!" The controversial Brand has appeared in British reality television and was asked to resign from BBC radio following on-air prank telephone calls to actor Andrew Sachs.

After stints as an MTV VJ and a columnist for The Guardian, Brand made his Hollywood debut in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and went on to star in the spin-off, Get Him to the Greek, and the 2011 remake of Arthur. Deportation is the latest addition to a long list of Brand's trouble with the law, and, quite possibly also the latest addition to his standup routine. From custody, Brand tweeted:


Brand has used his drug use, sexual promiscuity and bad behavior as fodder for stand-up routines in the past, but dedicated himself to sobriety after a 2002 Christmas party in which his agent caught him injecting heroin in a bathroom.

bs7id.jpgSince Brand wed Perry in October 2010, he has appeared concerned with screwing his head on straight, versus screwing everything else, and had only one slip-up last year when he attacked a photographer blocking his and Perry's path at Los Angeles Airport. He has yet to be arrested by the Fashion Police.

Brand, now a member and advocate of addiction charities, practices Transcendental Meditation as a way to overcome his vices, but it seems the past always has a way of returning to bite even the most reformed firebrands in their vinyl skinny jeans.

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