What do Italians Think of American Celebrities? Summers Reports on La Vita Bella

You've been wondering where a Morton Reporter Vacations! Here's the scoop on the Bella Vita in Italy!

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Summers McKay

What does a Morton Reporter do on Vacation? Heads to Italy and reads their gossip magazines!!

So I know that you all have been plagued by the burning question, “What does a Morton Reporter, who covers the fab celebrity lifestyle do for a vacation?!?”  I’m thrilled to let you all in on a secret. I’ve made like Kim and Kris Humphries and hauled off to Europe for a bit.

Spending the last week hidden in a hotel in the sleepy Northern Italian tP8300043.JPGown called Abano, I’ve been dipped in extremely hot mud (a spa treatment dating back to Roman times called Fango), massaged mercilessly by a muscular fellow named Mirco and a less than loving woman named Dina, flirted shamelessly with fellow Abano Grand Hotel dwellers, the Calcio Padova (Padova’s professional futbol team), and of course read my fair share of Italian gossip magazines while sitting by a perfectly warmed 36* thermal pool.

Yep my darlings, it’s what they call La Vita Bella - and you won’t ever hear me complain. 

Of course choosing what delicious vignette’s from my vacanza to share with you is troppo difficile when enchanted by the poetry of the Verona forum Opera. But I’ll spare you all that culture and get straight to what matters. What do the Italians think of our celebrities?!?! From my collections of mags, here’s what I’ve gleaned. (And yes, these are clearly snapped with my digital cam in my hotel room and on the patio. Forgive, forgive!)

Leo & Blake.jpg

OK - they seem obsessed with Blake Lively and her romanza with Leonardo Di Caprio! There is an entire magazine dedicated to understanding just how she landed her prince charming. Now what I previously chalked up to a May - December fling appears to be of great importance to the Italian gossip media. I chatted with my fellow hotel guests and it turns out that they adore Leo and don’t know anything about this American Gossip Girl!

Paris Hilton.jpg

They are infatuated with Paris Hilton!! In fact she appears in no less than five gossip magazines this week. What about that faux study about the least trustworthy celebrity was last week in the U.S.? Pffft. Somebody didn’t take a moment to check her international equity.


Apparently Julianne Moore is having a mid-life crisis, which was news to me. She’s so fabulous, and perfetto that I think it may just be a weird way to promote Crazy Stupid Love in Italy. After all in Italy - Crazy Stupid Love is Redundant Redundant Redundant.

TC Story.jpg

There’s a whole page dedicated to celeb tweets including comments from Drew Barrymore, David Arquette, Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise and Joel Madden, who apparently tweet in Italian (which I don’t get).

VIP Beverly Hills.jpg

And lastly there is this charming section dedicated to the ‘Beverly Hills: Vita da VIP,’ which shows some of their fav celebs hitting up all of my local haunts including Anastasia (perfect eyebrows), Sprinkles (delish cupcakes) Fekkai (best blonding in B.Hills), The Ivy (awww the memories), and of course every Pretty Woman’s true love Rodeo Drive.

Now, my goal here in Italy isn’t just to be charmed by the fabulous guests and staff of the Abano Grand Hotel, and the ironically named American Bar. I adore all of my local celebrities including my favorite Russians - Diana and her mother Elena who have just returned from Prada, Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors with bags galore, my new ‘Be Fri’ the inspired New Yorker and former Hollywood talent manager Audrey Adams (who swears by Fango), and the charming yet a wee bit mysterious Albano Grand Hotel proprietor Alessandro.

But I’m really here to truly understand what makes the luxe life so fabulous and where it’s going in the evolving economy. I’ve met a very special New York artist and celebrity designer Zoya B who creates magical rooms for children and she’s taken me under her wing to learn about this luxury business.

Next week, I join classmates in Milan for a week study in Luxury Marketing and Branding at the fabulous University SDA Boconni, because after all - I’m just a student of La Vita Bella.


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