New Device Solves Another First-World Problem

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Japanese company Furukawa Kikou has developed the latest device that successfully tackles the first world inconvenience of using a sponge. The technology, called the SWITL, is a robotic hand that looks similar to a belt sander and cleans up semi-liquid spills with a quick-moving Teflon belt; all while keeping the mess in its original shape.


Originally developed for bakeries where some products were too soft for human hands, the SWITL shows great potential in streamlining processes in meat-by-the sheet making factories; but how practical is it for home use?

If I kept a paper towel roll in the cupboard specifically for cleaning up semi-liquid spills it would last me for 18 years. Plugging in this machine, cleaning up a spill (although that might be mildly rewarding the first few times), and then removing the Teflon belt to clean off the residue might seem like convenience on one hand but is a whole lot of extra work on the other. The demonstration shows the SWITL cleaning up a mess on a flat, smooth surface, a place where messes do not naturally occur.

The SWIFTL is a unique concept powered by some sort of wizardry that seems to defy logic, but on that note, the Roomba 3000 robotic vacuum also experienced massive popularity among individuals who lived in round houses without stairs

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