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Too much is too much.

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I really hate to write anything even tangentially related to the Casey Anthony case, but I’m not sure how else to criticize the sheer amount of coverage that it has gotten without sadly adding to it. What I have to say is the following: thank God Nancy Grace and the modern media weren’t around at the time of the Manson murders. Had they been, I’m quite sure that I’d be afraid to ever turn on the television again.

The Anthony case didn’t have the blood-lust of Charlie and his crew, but it did have Nancy Grace. I’m not of the opinion that there isn’t plenty of room for outrage at what happened down in Florida. I consider myself to be a fairly liberal person when it comes to defending the rights of the accused, but frankly, even I supported the death penalty for Casey the second I found out that she took 31 days to report her two-year old daughter missing. If one of my mother’s cats were missing for over a day, I’m quite sure that the entire state would know about it.

I didn’t follow the case much, but I’m an avid channel surfer, and here’s something I can tell you for sure. For the last three years, seemingly every time I passed a channel with Nancy Grace on it, there was a band at the bottom of the screen reading something akin to “Casey Anthony case” or “Tot Mom on trial.” Three years of coverage on this one idiotic woman in Florida?

I get it Nancy. You think that killing children is bad. Me too, but I don’t pick at the deceased corpse for three years like a vulture. I’m sure that with her huge ego she thinks that she is on some sort of moral crusade, but everything that she covers on her HLN show is something creepy that has been done to kids, or overtly scandalous in a sexual way. She never fails to hit the broadside of a barn, but she never aims at anything smaller either.

There is something sick about a society that uses cases like this for its entertainment. I’m sure it’s more gripping than Jersey Shore, but can’t our society be focused on something more healthy and productive than one epically bad mother and her tragically deceased daughter. I don’t care how fascinating the details of this case were, it only took me about three weeks to read Helter Skelter and had I spent three years on it, I have little doubt that there would be no way to ever cleanse my soul.

"I know that a lot of people hate me and say rotten things about me," Nancy Grace, 51, told The Hollywood Reporter. "The only thing I can do is keep working."

"We've covered literally hundreds of missing people, missing children, unsolved homicides since Caylee went missing," she says. "It's just hard when you're so emotionally invested in a particular case. … But like every good trial lawyer, what you have to do is set aside those emotions and that investment, because there are other cases that need you. So I'm going to pick up the next file and go on to the next missing person or missing child or unsolved homicide."

Here's an idea, why don’t you just stop? The world isn’t a better place because of Nancy Grace, but rather more voyeuristic and hollow thanks to every dark scandalous detail she picks over ad nauseum.  If Nancy really wants to help children, how about covering some kids that need adopting? In three years, that would have been over 1000 kids who needed a good home, rather than focusing on a handful who are beyond our help.

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