Casey Anthony's Celeb Makeover: DWTS, Book Deal, Endorsements and More!

Things are looking up for Casey Anthony and we all know that notoriety is just a stepping stone to celebrity. Here are our predictions:

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"Tot Mom" Casey Anthony has a radiant future ahead of her when she steps out of jail and into the limelight next week. Sleek and eligible Casey will be released from jail on July 17th, after being found "not guilty" on charges of first degree murder, child abuse, and child endangerment. She was found guilty on four misdemeanor counts of lying to police about her daughter Caylee's disappearance, but will be released next week based on time served and good behavior. WINNING!

So what does the sexy child eraser have planned for her future? The Morton Report has heard through sources (and not JUST at the checkout stand at Wal-mart) that Casey has many lucrative offers awaiting her. Her savior, lawyer, future manager, and friend with benefits, Jose Baez, is helping the free-and-clear vixen sift through options, and these are reportedly among her top choices.

We peered into our crystal ball and grasped these visions:

Dancing With The Stars - Easily the most obvious route for emerging stars or stars on the decline; Casey Anthony is in talks with ABC execs to appear as a contestant on the wildly popular twinkle toes show and show off some fancy footwork (we've already seen her dance around the truth). Here's a leaked photo of some PR shots with DWTS host Tom Bergeron:


Tabloid Darling:  Also of note is how close Casey has become to troubled Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan. The paparazzi snapped this photo of the terrible twosome hanging out on Robertson doing some post-incarceration shopping. While this union may increase Casey's visibility with the "in" crowd, it won't do much for her movie career. The upside: these two can share rousing tales from the slammer and admire each other's prison tats.


Move Over Blake Lively! Hooking up with Hollywood's most eligible bachelor is a smooth move for the killer hottie. While Leonardo DiCaprio's has been playing the field in recent weeks since his breakup with longtime girlfriend and Victoria Secret's model Bar Rafaeli, this picture shows Leo and Casey enjoying the open air together on a yacht.  Blake is said to be furious and doing all she can to win him back, including manically forwarding naked texts. Look for those to go viral soon.


Book Deals!! What better way for Casey to share her story of how she would have done it if she had done it, because you know she didn't do it even if she did do it, so there. If OJ Simpson can get away with double proactive human removal and write a book about it, why can't Casey?  Hell, she only disappeared one person (we know of) and didn't even use a knife! So that's good, right?


Endorsement Deals!!  Who better to pimp sound-muffling adhesive devices than Casey Anthony?  When I think of duct tape, my first thought is Casey, so it's no surprise that the leading brand has reached out to Casey and her team about a new product line just for young moms. And who could resist the slogan: "Your Solution To Those Annoying Brats!"


It's hard to say which direction Casey will head in, if she's smart she will diversify herself and branch out in several different directions. You know, throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. It worked for her defense, so the odds are in her favor.

(Many heartfelt thanks to our very own Holly Thorne for her superior photo-shopping skillz!

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