Prosecution to Blame For Botched Casey Anthony Verdict

The injustice of justice serves to protect the guilty and the innocent.

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Casey Anthony can now join O.J. Simpson as one of the most incompetent criminals who got away with murder. 

Congratulations Casey, you may now live the "beautiful life" of which you always dreamed now that you are free and clear of all charges stemming from whatever sick act you perpetrated on your trusting, innocent child Caylee.  Of course the next step in your career as criminal mastermind will be to sell your story to the highest bidder, get a reality TV show (may I suggest Monster Mothers, trademark mine), and hook up with some D-list celebrity and live the American dream.  Well played Casey, well played.

The real reason Casey was found not guilty of first degree murder is because the State of Florida failed to make their case. Despite an overwhelming body of circumstantial evidence and some physical evidence, the prosecution made the fatal error of going for the death penalty.  I may not be a lawyer, but I play one on the Internet and everyone knows you need hard, physical evidence to get the death penalty.

Even Susan Smith, who coldly planned and ultimately confessed to the murder of her two young sons, wasn't tried as a death penalty case.  The burden of proof is too high and the emotional threshold for delivering on that sentence is too low.  Even if Casey Anthony deserved the death penalty, pulling the trigger would have been difficult.  She's white, she's female, she's young, and ultimately, she's sad and stupid.  This country takes pride in pitying the sad and stupid.

An even bigger testament to the prosecution's epic fail is that they couldn't even get a lesser conviction of 2nd degree murder, or aggravated manslaughter.  HELL, they couldn't even get the child abuse and child neglect charges to stick.  And let's face it, regardless of how Caylee died, her mother waited 31 DAYS to report her missing and only did so when forced.  If that isn't child neglect, then I don't know what is.

Since the jury refuses to speak directly to the media, which is very irritating, we may never know what the exact tipping point was for their remarkable and shocking final decision.  However, it's pretty easy to surmise: this was not a premeditated murder, this was an accident.  People don't get executed for accidents, even really, really, REALLY selfish, pathological lying narcissists. 

Despite being trained professionals, it seems as though the prosecutors were relying on the jury's emotions and society's universal revulsion of Casey's post-Caylee disappearance, (ie, a month of non-stop partying) to sell their case. Had they set the bar of justice lower, instead trying her on aggravated manslaughter, their chances for a conviction would have been much higher. The prosecution has only themselves to blame for this fiasco -- going for the death penalty was a long and desperate shot -- and they gambled and lost.

Our legal system is made of tougher stuff than tears and disgust. There are tangible standards which must be met for a murder case conviction, and prosecutors had three years to build their case. They knew what evidence they did or didn't have, and the burden of proof was theirs to prove. They failed, and because of their failure, Casey walks and is now free to live the beautiful life while her daughter continues to decompose without an ounce of justice.

Enjoy your freedom while you can Casey, because rest assured, karma will get you even if our legal system didn't.

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