Asthma Attack Gets Man a Free Day in Morgue Refrigerator

He wasn't dead, just napping.

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A South African man suffered an asthma attack Friday and woke up Sunday tagged and cold in a morgue refrigerator.

Sizwe Kupelo’s family called an undertaker after he suffered an asthma attack that rendered him unconscious, or what turned out to be just napping, last Friday. Morgue owner Ayanda Maqolo said he sent his driver to collect the body shortly after the family called. He “thought the man was around 80 years old,” which is probably close enough to death to flip a coin, but he checked the pulse and not finding one, transported the body to the morgue.

Nearly 24 hours after staff placed Kupelo’s body into a locked refrigerated compartment, morgue workers heard ghosts shouting at them. The ghost noises also scared the morgue owner, but in a brave attempt to calm his employees, he did what anyone who hears a ghost does, he ran really fast from the morgue and called the police.

When the police arrived the morgue owner said he “was glad they had their firearms, in case something wanted to fight” and the group re-entered together. When police opened the haunted fridge they found the ghost turned out to be a very unhappy Mr. Kupelo, who was reported as looking “pale.” Kupelo asked officials how he got there and if anyone had a sandwich.

Kupelo returned home to a confused family planning for his funeral. Despite just purchasing a non-refundable coffin, the family said they were happy to have him home. After a night in his own bed, Kupelo told the Associated Press, "I couldn't sleep last night, I had nightmares. But today I'm much better." Kupelo intends to turn the coffin into a decorative coffee table, a nice resting place for his asthma medication.

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