Batman: Arkham City Turns Into PR Disaster, Sours Launch

Warner's own short-sighted greed has prevented buyers from playing what they spent $60 on.

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Warner's plans for some Arkham City Catwomen goodness for new game buyers has flatlined the anticipated launch. For some, the code to unlock the Catwoman storyline simply isn't there or invalid, preventing those who spent $60 on the game from accessing what they paid for. Others? Well, they can't play the game at all, a technical fault causing the game to crash when seeking the needed information from that specific content.

Warner has a "simple" solution if your code isn't working though, so no worries (those with game crashes are still left with no fix). All they need is a receipt showing a purchase of a new copy, your Gamertag or PSN ID, an e-mail address, a scan/picture of the game box & disc, plus a scan of the code sheet itself. That's all fair, right?

Well, let's look at this deeper, beyond the fact that this supposed bonus has surely soured many on Batman's highly touted latest adventure. Many are eager to dig into developer Rocksteady's offerings, and likely have, code or no code.

In that case, they've already missed the content they paid for; Catwoman opens this Arkham adventure. The pacing of the game has been tossed to the side, a nice cliffhanger during a stand-off between the Joker and Batman cut-off for a Catwoman mission.

In other words, players who are left hanging already missed what they paid full price for, terribly inconvenienced for no discernible reason other than Warner's own growing greed, regardless of what it does for their customers. It's the stuff that keeps PR people up at night, and gamers from purchasing a $60 product.

Thanks Warner. Maybe next time a DNA sample can be requested for this $10 content. It's apparently that important to you.

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