Bridge Over Troubled Water: No Bridge for Kurt Cobain, Pete Best Gets a Drive

Nevermind The Bullocks, Give Kurt His Own Bridge Already!

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It seems the Aberdeen, Washington City Council didn’t care that Nirvana’s Nevermind album was going to be re-released on September 26, twenty years after its debut, selling more than 30 million copies and spending 253 weeks on the Billboard charts.

According to the Associated Press, the Council voted 10-1 against renaming the Young Street Bridge, the "Kurt Cobain Bridge." According to local legend, the Nirvana singer slept under the bridge when still in his teens, inspiring the song “Some In The Way.”

Kurt Cobain Bridge.jpgThe major concern among council members was they didn’t want to name their local landmark after a drug-taking musician, and when the results of the vote was announced, those in attendance reportedly loudly applauded. As a consolation, the troubled singer gets some recognition by his hometown. A small plot of land adjacent to the bridge that crosses the Wishkah River will be officially named Cobain Landing.

Pete Best Drive

Maybe Nirvana fans should have taken a tip from Pete Best supporters. Over 10,000 Facebook users mounted a campaign to convince the Liverpool City Council to name a street after the original Beatles drummer. This week their efforts were rewarded when the Liverpudlians decided to honor the musician with his own throughway.

"Pete Best Drive" will be located in a housing development close to where the former Beatle was born, and less than half a mile away from the Cashbah Coffee Club which was started by Best’s mother, Mona, back in 1959. While the Council were feeling generous, they also decided to  commemorate the club where the Beatles played many of their early shows, now calling the street that it was located on Casbah Close.

Best, 69,  told reporters, “I feel very humbled, flattered and honoured that the city of Liverpool Council members and the people of Liverpool have thought to honour me in such a fantastic way.” He didn't say a thing about why it took them so long. After all Paul, John, George and Ringo all got their own streets back in the city’s Kensington area in1981. Stu Sutcliffe is still on the waiting list.

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