Capcom Learns from Mistake, Won't Use Permanent Save Again

Capcom changes future plans, likely won't use perma saves on future titles

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For all of the apparent whining and griping gamers seem to do, whether its general pricing, the burden of DLC, or online passes, rarely do companies take notice.

However, it's stories like this that show some actually do hear us down here, as Capcom's USA VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development Christian Svensson has claimed the permanent save system found within Resident Evil Mercenaries 3DS would not, "see something like this happening again."

Gamers took issue with the fact that Capcom made it impossible to deleted save data, effectively rendering the game useless in the used market for those looking to start over from scratch. Those irritated took to the game's Amazon page, bombarding it with negative reviews and almost entirely because of the save snafu. Capcom claimed it was nothing more than a technical issue, and Svensson stated it had nothing to do with preventing used sales. People who began those rumors were "conspiracy theorists" according to him.

Then again, these statements came late in the week, meaning there could have been some early sale numbers coming down the pipe. Negative sales are certainly a way to change a developer's mind. Maybe it had to do with the negative light being cast upon the title, or maybe it just wasn't selling. You have to say "maybe," because otherwise you're a conspiracy theorist.

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