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By the far the weakest box office performer of the five-strong Step Up series that began in 2006, Step Up: All In arrives on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD from Lionsgate. Various members of previous Step Up casts team together as Sean Asa (Ryan Guzman, Step Up Revolution) crews up for a big dance competition in Las Vegas. The big choreographed production numbers are fun to watch, compensating for the less than stellar dramatic interludes sandwiched between them. Particularly captivating is super-sexy female lead Briana Evigan, reprising her role as Andie West from Step Up 2: The Streets. Evigan has a bitchin’ bod and her amusement park routine with Guzman, to the tune of Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step,” is a highlight.

Step Up 1 (380x253).jpgStep Up: All In is what it is. Fans of the franchise will probably enjoy it (though they obviously mostly stayed away for some reason while it was in theaters). The Vortex dance competition and the various interpersonal entanglements between the competing dance teams won’t likely captivate anyone, even those with a taste for this type of frothy entertainment. Adam Sevani is back as Moose, the role he has played in all but the very first Step Up. Alyson Stoner is back as Camille, Moose’s main squeeze, who was previously seen in the third film, Step Up 3D. So You Think You Can Dance finalist Stephen “tWitch” Boss plays Jason Hardlerson for the third time. This Step Up all-star approach should increase the interest in All In for series fans.

Step Up 4 (380x267).jpgReleased in 3D theatrically, Step Up: All In comes to Blu-ray via Lionsgate in 2D form only. Brian Pearson’s cinematography is flawlessly presented in a sparkling transfer that shows off the glitzy, candy-colored art direction. The audio is offered as a Dolby TrueHD Atmos surround mix, for those with Atmos-enable systems (myself not being among them). The disc is compatible with standard Dolby TrueHD and it does sound great, with dynamic music and a constant flow of sonic activity pouring forth from all channels. However one feels about the movie itself, it’s certainly not dull to listen to.

Step Up 5 (380x253).jpgAll In is supplemented by a nice array of special features, many of which are exclusive to Blu-ray. The Blu-ray exclusives include “All In with the Crew” making-of featurette (ten minutes), “Dance Breakdown: Final Stage” (six minutes), “Clap, Stomp Slide: The Sounds of Battle” (four minutes), and a method of skipping to just the dance sequences (“The Vortex Dance Index”). Found on both the Blu-ray and DVD editions are deleted scenes (nine minutes), “Ryan’s Favorite Dance Scenes with Optional Commentary” (19 minutes), and audio commentary by director Trish Sie and leading lady Briana Evigan.

The Blu-ray package also includes an UltraViolet HD digital copy.

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