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Addicted, now available on DVD from Lionsgate, is a slice of overheated, pulpy silliness about a “sex addict” who compulsively cheats on her husband. Based on a popular erotic novel by Zane, Addicted charts the plight of Zoe Reynard (Sharon Leal), the proprietor of a marketing firm that partners with artists to monetize their work. She and husband Jason (Boris Kodjoe) live a seemingly picture-perfect life with their two kids. Early on, we learn that Zoe’s sexual appetite is inexhaustible after Jason falls asleep before they can commence “round three.” She retires to the office to avail herself of internet porn and sex toys.

Throughout Addicted we see Zoe meeting with a therapist (Tasha Smith) who assures her that her addiction is a disease and not her fault. Yet we watch as Zoe begins two torrid affairs; first with artist Quinton Canosa (William Levy), later adding Corey (Tyson Beckford) to the mix. She clearly feels something for both of these men, particularly Quinton. She becomes enraged when she learns she’s not his only current sexual partner. Hubby Jason gets suspicious when Zoe begins missing all of their son’s soccer games. Eventually a weak thriller element comes into play when both her lovers are revealed to be violent-tempered men.

Addicted 1 (380x267).jpgIn the end, it’s hard not to sympathize with the put-upon husband, Jason, regardless of whether or not Zoe’s “problem” is one of true addiction or just simply a desire for sexual adventure. As Addicted ramps up toward an emotionally-hollow conclusion, you might just wonder if director Bille Woodruff’s (Honey, Beauty Shop) film has anything more going for it than Skinemax-level eroticism. And honestly, even in that regard its relatively tame (though yes, there is a fair amount of nudity to earn the R rating).

By way of special features, Lionsgate’s Addicted DVD contains a selection of deleted scenes and a pair of featurettes.

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