Lee Marvin and Jeff Bridges Top Warner Archive's Tough New Releases

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The Warner Archive Collection added nine new titles to their lineup of manufactured-on-demand (MOD) DVDs this week. The titles, never before available on DVD, have a decidedly macho bent this time out, tying in with a Father's Day promotion. The website is offering $5 off a selection of over 100 action/adventure movies, just the type of flick Dads love. Here's a look at this week's new releases.

24 Hours To Kill (1965) - Mickey Rooney stars as a member of a flight crew whose plane is forced to land in Beirut for repairs. Once there, he's targeted by smuggler Walter Slezak.

Avalanche Express (1979) - A Russian general (Robert Shaw) tries to defect to the West. Lee Marvin plays the CIA official tasked with getting him out. This movie would prove to be Shaw's last. He died during the making of the film. The intriguing supporting cast includes Linda Evans, Maximilian Schell, and Joe Namath.

Kona Coast (1968) - A Hawaiian-set revenge drama with Richard Boone as a fisherman out to avenge the drug-related death of his daughter. Vera Miles and Joan Blondell co-star, while guitar icon Duane Eddy turns up in a small role as "Tiger Cat."

Hearts Of The West (1975) - One of the week's highlights, this stars Jeff Bridges as a naïve young man looking to make it big in 1930s Hollywood. He ends up starring in B-Westerns alongside Andy Griffith. Also starring Blythe Danner, Alan Arkin, and Donald Pleasence.

Dark Of The Sun (1968) - Rod Taylor leads his band of mercenaries through the Congo in search of a fortune in uncut diamonds. Quentin Tarantino is reportedly a fan of this two-fisted actioner.

Once Before I Die (1966) - John Derek directs and co-stars in this WWII movie about a group of American soldiers stationed in the Philippines under attack by the Japanese. How top-billed star Ursula Andress fits into all this is anybody's guess.

Assignment To Kill (1968) - Private eye Patrick O'Neal is sent to Switzerland to investigate millionaire John Gielgud, who is suspected of sinking his own ships for the insurance.

The Double Man (1967) - Another Cold War thriller with Yul Brynner as a CIA agent kidnapped by the Russians and replaced with his exact lookalike (also Brynner) from behind the Iron Curtain.

The Great Caruso (1951) - After all the guns and fists this week, maybe Warner Archive tossed this one in so Mom would have something to watch, too. Mario Lanza stars as legendary tenor Enrico Caruso in this biopic that takes more than a few liberties with the facts.

All titles are available on DVD exclusively through the Warner Archive website.

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