The Movie Spew: Woody Allen Wants to Work an Obama

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Woody Allen Wants to Cast Michelle Obama

With over 40 movies under his belt, Woody Allen must be running out of actors to cast. The guy somehow manages to scrape together a group of people he hasn’t worked with dozens of times before every time he steps behind the camera, but there are only so many head shots left to be scraped out of the bottom of the barrel.

The ultimate proof of this fact is that in a recent interview Allen said, “If I was in a room with Michelle Obama and I thought she was right for a part, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask her.” It’s hard to believe that Michelle Obama would take time out of her busy schedule of smiling public appearances for a walk-on in the Woodman’s latest flick, but the fact that he would even consider it is certainly out there.

Now, to be fair, Woody only said that because he was directly asked on the British TV series Daybreak recently. It came up because Allen cast the French president’s wife Carla Bruni in a small role in Midnight in Paris and despite the fact that it took her dozens of attempts to walk with a baguette to Allen’s satisfaction, it hasn’t put him off the concept of first lady stunt casting.

I can’t imagine how Woody could possibly work Lady Obama into one of his neurotic love stories, but with that guy cranking out a movie a year like clockwork, it’s frighteningly possible. Let’s just hope he gives her something less culturally stereotypical to do than he did with Bruni. I don’t want to get into what that might be for fear of offending the African American community, but I’m sure you can use your sick and twisted imagination.

Clint Eastwood Ain’t Done with Acting Yet, So Watch Out, You Young Punks

It was starting to look like Clint Eastwood had given up on shooting bad guys onscreen in favor of directing crappy Oscar bait movies every year (J. Edgar is coming up, folks!). However, it looks like we will be treated to at least one more blast of good ol’ Clint growling on the big screen.


After 18 years of only acting in the occasional movie that he also directed, Eastwood is in talks to star in Trouble with the Curb, a film in which he would play an aging baseball scout with bad vision traveling to the Atlanta to check out a potential young star with his daughter. Certainly the movie doesn’t promise to have the body count that I would hope from a new Clint Eastwood flick, but if he’s going to star in a baseball weepy, at least that moves him one step closer to picking up a Magnum to deliver harsh justice again. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed.

Young Adult Reunites Jason Reitman, Diablo Cody, and Audience Disgust

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the movies without irritating dialogue like “This is one doodle that can't be un-did, Homeskillet,” that ex-stripper/screenwriter who everybody loves-to-hate, Diablo Cody, is back. Cody has reunited with Juno director Jason Reitman for another blast of smug comedy filled with pop culture references so obscure that even Quentin Tarantino and Dennis Miller will be shaking their heads.


The film stars Charlize Theron as an alcoholic children’s author who returns to her hometown to win back her high school sweetheart (Patrick Wilson), undeterred by the fact that he’s married with a child. It looks a little bit like Bad Teacher with artistic pretension substituted for bad behavior in front of children. While this may only be the trailer, I have to say that it looks marginally less irritating than the typical Cody fare, though there’s always a chance they’ve cut her “honest to blog” style dialogue out of the trailer in an attempt to sell it to a wider crowd.

Perhaps she’s grown up a bit and I do always love to see Patton Oswalt acting in something other than bad television. Who knows? I guess we’ll find out when the flick plops onto screens in December.

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