The Movie Spew: Anne Hathaway Likes Her Catwoman Costume And Thinks You Should Too!

And more Smurfs, Dane Cook drama

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Last week the first image of Anne Hathaway’s official Catwoman costume from The Dark Knight Rises hit the Internet and the response was underwhelming to say the least. Internet nerds were up in arms about the fact that the tight leather costume didn’t resemble a Cat, which seems like a pretty crucial component.

Today Hathaway went on MTV and bit back, claiming, “If you didn’t like the photo, you only see about a 10th of what that suit can do. And if you did like the photo, you have excellent taste.” Perhaps we’ve only seen a 10th of the costume and there’s more to it that will be added later on in the movie. Or maybe the suit will have amazing powers that will make comic book geeks forget about its general lack of feline qualities. Yeah, that could work. Comic books fans never cling to nostalgia and insist on their characters staying true to what they’ve always been. They love change, right? Er…she might be in trouble.

Oh Great, Now it’s a Smurfing Franchise

Well America, I hope you’re happy. Two weeks ago you had the opportunity to let Hollywood know that the world doesn’t need a Smurfs movie. All you had to do was not by a ticket to The Smurfs, but you did it anyways. You were anxious to get inside out of the heat, entertain a child, or experience a little nostalgia. Your motivations were pure, but you made the film a hit and now Sony is so excited about expanding the movie into a franchise that they’ve already called dibbs on an August 2, 2013 opening weekend.


That’s right, there is another Smurf movie on the way whether you like it or not. With any luck the Mayans will be right and we won’t make it past 2012. If not, hopefully the release of The Smurfs 2: Smurf-errific Boogaloo will lead to the massive riots that will in turn lead to the end of the world. We can only hope.

Dane Cook To Launch His Dramatic Acting Career. Yes, I’m Serious.

Finally, it appears that Roadside Attractions have picked up the rights to the upcoming Dane Cook drama Answers To Nothing, with plans to release it on December 2nd. I bring this up only to point out the fact that Dane Cook not only still has a movie career, but is apparently planning to segue from comedy into drama. There are so many things wrong with that sentence that it’s hard to know where to start. Try to stay positive. Calm down and repeat to yourself, “Maybe he’ll surprise us, maybe he’ll surprise us.” Hopefully that helps you at least a little bit during this difficult time.

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