The Movie Spew: Unpaid Interns Launch Black Swan Lawsuit

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Unpaid Interns Sue the Makers of Black Swan

Here’s a weird one. Apparently two unpaid interns from Black Swan have decided to sue the makers of the film because they were treated like unpaid interns. Alex Footman and Eric Glatt have launched a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox claiming they suffered such indignities as having to grab coffee and prepare menial payment documents.

I’m not sure what the two interns were expecting when they signed on for the gig. It sounds like they did exactly what that job entailed. I guess they thought that Darren Aronofsky might let them choreograph a few scenes or strap on some tights and dance alongside Natalie Portman for the big final number. I’m not sure what sort of case these guys think they have.

Until a union of National Film Set Coffee Gatherers forms, that’s going to be the number one job for movie set interns. If by some miracle they win the lawsuit, I guess that means that unpaid interns everywhere will officially have to start running their respective offices for free as part of their volunteer services. I’m not sure how a pair of unpaid interns will be able to afford a major law suit against studio, but I guess that’s for their mommy and daddy to sort out. (See what I did there? Burn!)

Mortal Kombat Is Getting Remade for Some Reason

As an 11-year-old, Mortal Kombat seemed to me like one of the greatest movies ever made. It took what I loved about kicking the shit out of cartoon fighters in a video game and threw it up on the big screen where I could watch actors kick the shit out of each other without having to operate a controller while appreciating the violence.


The movie doesn’t exactly hold up these days, but that’s not going to stop Warner Brothers from rebooting the film franchise that disappeared after a single abysmal sequel. It should have been predictable. After all, Warner Brothers was responsible for rebooting the video game last year so that PS3 and Xbox gamers could decapitate their favorite fighters in glorious HD.

The new game worked surprisingly well, sold a pile of copies, and now the world will be treated to a new movie is 2013 that will (surprise, surprise) coincide with the release of the next game. This seems like a big ol’ mistake to me, but then I’m not 12 years old anymore and I don’t want to deprive the next generation of the joys of a ludicrously violent fight movie.

Studios to Charge More for 3D Even Though People Starting to Hate 3D

Hey, do you like being overcharged for 3D movies? Awesome, because you’re about to be charged even more for the privilege of watching a movie through murky faux-sunglasses.

Apparently the studios are fed up with paying the $5-$10 million it costs to keep theaters stocked with their 3D glasses, so they plan on raising the ticket price to pass that cost onto the consumer. The price increase will only be about 50 cents per ticket, but given that 3D movies already cost $5-$10 more than general admission depending on the size of the screen, it’s still a pain in the ass. You’d think that the studios would be okay absorbing the glasses cost given that they make so much more on 3D movies, but no. They love money and they will pry it from their audience's hands by any means necessary.


Given that audiences are starting to flock to 2D screenings over 3D screenings in droves, this is a curious way of trying to get people back on the 3D bandwagon, but I never said that studios use logic when making these sorts of business decisions. That’s just not how they operate. Just be aware that the next time you want to see Nicolas Cage plunge his hairline towards the camera in 3D, you will be forking over a little extra cash for the privilege.

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