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Since #whereischristinaperasso started trending on Twitter, the world has woken up to a new genre of filmmaking:  The Inside Experience, an interactive movie in which the filmmakers are using social media as an integral part of the plot.  

The story so far is as follows: Christina Perasso, a fictional character played by Emmy Rossum (The Day After Tomorrow; The Phantom of the Opera; Shameless), has been kidnapped from her home city of Seattle and held captive in a secret location with a laptop and internet connection.  The audience, via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, interact with the movie by solving clues to help rescue her.  

It's addictive, it's going to be huge and you are not too late to jump on board... but how do you get started?  Here is a guide to show you how and bring you up to date on the clues so far: 

Getting Started:

1Visit website The Inside Experience to get an overview of the movie and the latest episodes.

2.  Connect to Christina Perasso's page on Facebook to help solve clues.

3.  Follow @ChristinaP887 on Twitter.

4.  Subscribe to her YouTube channel.

 Christina Perasso 1.jpg

Get up to date with the clues so far:

Disclaimer: this is just what I have pulled together relating to the major clues.  I am not a gaming expert, my normal column is on current affairs - but this has got me hooked and it soon will be current affairs when the rest of the world catches on!  It may be not be 100% comprehensive, but as you will begin to realize The Inside Experience is a labyrinth with many twists, turn and dead ends.  It is in chronological order, but you can also use this link to keep up to date with clues.  I am sure I have missed many, so please share any amendments or updates in the comments section below.

Tuesday July 25th

Inside Experience 2.jpgClue #1:  Inside Experience posts first episode on YouTube. Note taped to Christina’s laptop contains a quotation from L.Buscaglia, a Californian professor known as 'Dr.Love' :  "A Single Rose can be my garden, a single friend my world".  It is written on a torn page from a novel which has letters AAH.BCC encircled, transposed with letters using A=1etc, gives number code 118.233, coordinates for Los Angeles, California.

Clue #2:  Christina posts pictures of her prison.  It looks like a basement location in an old industrial or commercial building.  A tearing on the wallpaper reveals a wallpaper company, Acorn Wallpapers, whose website indicates that it that ships from China to the Port of LA.  Could this be a significant clue?  

Clue #3:  Christina finds a receipt for a pair of jeans that she bought in Seattle at 5.21pm in her back pocket; a menu for a Korean Barbeque takeaway in Los Angeles; a receipt in the drawer of her nightstand, indicating a "one night stand" that perhaps took place on the 6/26/96 may be be significant; a receipt for a coffee she had at her last known sighting, Java Bird Café, Seattle.

Clue #6:  Christina posts a YouTube video describing how she is hot and that it is sunny outside and that she can hear a freeway nearby.  It was raining in Seattle just before she was kidnapped, so can we assume she has been moved to another city/location.

Inside-Experience.jpgWednesday July 27th

Clue #7:  Christina tweets her sunrise was at 6am.

Clue #8:  She finds text printed on a plumbing pipe for a website which says "Truth is the Way" with a number 424-235-1782, which is an L.A, California area code.

Clue #9:  When the number is dialed there is a recording of a voice saying 118.233 over and over again over some music.  The music is from a music box that her father gave her when she was little (see later clues) and is to the tune of "Your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends".  

Clue #10:  Christina tweets a link to a website that has a picture of the music box with the same L.Buscaglia quote from Clue #1.

Clue #11: Source code of the website reveals a hidden message, that indicates the kidnapper and Christina know each other and that he/she believes technology has somehow ‘ripped them apart’.  Both messages end with ‘TRUTH IS THE WAY’.

Clue #12:  Christina tweets that she doesn’t want to talk about her relationship with her Dad.  Given the use of the music box, could he be a suspect?

Christina Perasso 2.jpgThursday July 28th.

Clue #13:  Her email is hacked.  Christina.Perasso@gmail.com returns an automated response:  Dear “Friend”, Christina is a little tied up right now.  As if you really cared.  But we’ll find out if you do, now, won’t we?  Yourfriendsaremyfriends.”

Clue #14:  The Inside Experience releases second episode on YouTube, showing federal agents on a wild goose chase to New Mexico following her IP address.  Agents find an empty room with a mannequin holding a router.

Clue #15:  website http://33281.com leads to message:  technology has tricked us.  the Human condition cannot be rendered in zeros and ones.  It haS made us Think that each of us can stand alone.  Truth is the wAy.  Overlapping pictures of Christina from when she was small to now are hidden in the background.  Is there a hidden message with the odd use of capital letters? All the capital letters spell "Christina" but the highlighted letters spell "China".

Clue #16:  website subdirectory http://332811.com/christina leads to a picture of a room (her room?) and a message:  Where is  Translates to Where is Christina?

Clue #17:  website subdirectory http://332811.com/inside leads to message: is the way.  Translates to Truth is the way.

Clue #18:  website subdirectory http://332811.com/truth leads a hidden image of the flag of New Mexico.  Changed after episode 2 is released to message:  Where to Next Chief?

Clue #19:  website subdirectory http://332811.com/chief which leads to a message taunting the police.  The word chief is underlined.  Stu McArthur is leading the police investigation.

Clue #20:  website subdirectory http://332811.com/stumcarthur which leads to an encoded message asking “where were eyes last laid on her”?  Answer is the Java bird café from Clue #3.

Clue #21:  website subdirectory http://332811.com/javabird which leads to encoded message asking “what number for a plumber?”  Using the number from Clue #8 leads on to another website

Clue #22:  website subdirectory http://332811.com/4242351782 leading to encoded message asking what does one demand for a nightstand?  Using the price from the receipt in Clue #3, leads to another website

Clue #23:  website subdirectory http://332811.com/2696 leading to encoded message “The protocol that lied times the valves that lay flat”.  Using pictures from her bathroom that Christina posted on Facebook showing plumbing valves leads to another website.  There are also a further encoded messages from the combined subdirectories.  Click here to read.

Clue #24:  website subdirectory http://332811.com/13898350428 leads to a map of the US showing Christina is not in Seattle or New Mexico, with hidden text “Does the truth lie in WHERE or WHEN?

Clue #25:  IP address shows video surveillance footage of Christina in captivity. 

Friday July 29th

Clue #26:  Christina posts this webcam video.

Clue #27:  Christina posts a link to a ‘fan’ who created the diagrams of all the clues so far which is linked above.  She refers to him as @roland Norris.  The name he gives is Rowland ‘Scoot’ Norris.  Is he a real fan?  Did Christina (or the production team) misspell his name on purpose?  Can we trust this source? 

Saturday July 30th

Inside Experience release episode 3 on YouTube. It provides a number of clues: 

Clue #28:  The room Christina is staying in is very hot.  She reads from a thermometer “34 degrees, Three Twenty-Two”.  Is this another co-ordinate?  Or is it a link to another website http://34322.com. A website in Chinese, can anybody help translate? Does it connect to the China/L.A connection in clue #2?  Or are they coordinates linking her to this location?

Clue #29:  Kirk (her ex boyfriend - see her friends on Facebook) has been missing since Christina’s disappearance.  Police indicate that he may be a suspect. 

Clue #30:  Christina is contacted by @h1ghway_man on Twitter “I know how you love that music box.  Try to remember how it felt the first time you opened it.  It was always your escape… Who is he?  Could it be her father with whom she is no longer in contact?

Clue #31:  @h1ghway_man’s earlier tweet on Jul 22 mentions the New Mex desert, did he plant the mannequin with the router from clue #14?  His tweet on Jul 21 says he is heading west (to set up Christina’s prison in L.A?) and then north (to kidnap Christina?) and then wherever the next load takes me.  Was his next load Christina? 

Clue#32:  website http://www.h1ghwayman.com, contains three songs with lyrics referring to “sitting on the lake as dragons fly by, just me and my girl”. 

Inside Experience 3.jpgClue #32:  In order for Christina to earn food and water, her ‘friends’ need to ‘like’ this YouTube video.  I suspect until there are enough likes we won’t be getting any more clues, so please 'like' it!

Clue #33:  The message on the Janriski Plumbers website (Clue #8) is changed and reveals an email address:  idecidewhatthefuturebrings@yahoo.com.  Encoded autoresponse leads to this YouTube video.  Video was uploaded by TRUTHISTHEWAY118

Clue #34:  email sent to truthistheway118@gmail.com returns autoreponse when decoded says "Break Through The Mist of Ignorance And Behold My Power Over Time and Place". 

Things to watch out for this week:

Where is her ex-boyfriend Kirk?  More clues from Facebook friends and followers on Twitter will emerge this week.

What happens when her friend Jennifer Myer gets married this week?  Christina should have attended the rehearsal dinner.

Who is the Highway Man? Is it really a 'man' or maybe a 'woman'?

Watch this space more for clues!

In the meantime, let me know what other clues you have found and I'll tell you where I think she is hidden and who I think the kidnapper is....and it is not where or who you might think...!

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