Activision Will Bring Skylanders Trap Team to Tablets

The latest entry in the Skylanders franchise will have a Starter Pack specially designed for slates.

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Underlining the rise of tablets as serious gaming machines, Activision has announced that this year’s entry in its smash hit Skylanders series will have a Starter Pack for selected slates in addition to the usual range of major consoles.

The Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter Pack will bring the console game to iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablets. The package will include a Bluetooth version of the Traptanium Portal that allows players to bring their Skylander toys to life in the game. The portal includes a notch in which tablets can be docked for hands-free play.

To make it easier for players to move their characters around in the game, the Tablet Starter Pack also comes with a Bluetooth-enabled controller. Players will, however, be able to opt for on-screen touch controls if they want to play on the move without carrying additional equipment.

STT_Tablet_Starter Pack Contents.380.jpg

In addition to the controller, the Starter Pack will ship with two new Skylander heroes as well as two of the Traps that will be introduced with the new game. The new characters will be among more than 50 new playable Skylanders. The new series will add to the 175 existing toys from previous games that will be backwards compatible with Skylanders Trap Team.

Skylanders Trap Team will be released on October 2 in Australia and New Zealand, October 5 in North America and October 10 in Europe. You can read more in our earlier news story here. Activision has listed the following as supported devices for the tablet edition:

- Apple iPad 3rd Generation, iPad 4th Generation
- iPad Mini Retina, iPad Air
- Kindle Fire HDX (7” & 8.9”)
- Google Nexus 7 (2013)
- Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro (8.4”, 10.1”, 12.2”)
- Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4”, 10.5”)
- Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014), Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

In addition to the above, Activision also recently announced that Skylanders Trap Team will be accompanied by a new line of miniature versions of some of the most popular Skylanders. The Skylanders Trap Team Minis series will include 16 characters with abilities and upgrades like their larger cousins.

Skylanders Trap Team_Mini_Spry380.jpg
Skylanders Trap Team_Mini_Breeze380.jpg
Skylanders Trap Team_Mini_Trigger Snappy380.jpg

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