Activision Unwraps a Seasonal Skylander for the Holidays

Santa is a lobster!

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Images and video clips courtesy of Activision.

This winter Activision is keeping up its tradition of releasing seasonal Skylanders by issuing a special festive edition of a character from its hit video game/toy combo, Skylanders: Trap Team.

Winterfest Lob-Star will be available in North America from December 7 onward. He is outfitted for the holidays in a bright red and white number in place of his usual blue. Also, there is a suggestion of Santa’s beard and Christmas sprinkles in the decoration of his underside.

Winterfest_Lobstar_1.jpgActivision is promoting the Winterfest Lob-Star figurine as a stocking filler, along with the recently-issued Eon’s Elite variant of Whirlwind. The standard version of that character debuted in the first game in the Skylanders series, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, which was released in 2011.

Winterfest_Lobstar_4.jpgFollowing on from the hit sequels Skylanders Giants and Skylanders: SWAP Force, Skylanders: Trap Team is the franchise’s forth entry and was released last October (TMR has a review coming up).


Skylanders will also be marking the season of goodwill at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The heroes of Skylands will be represented by an inflatable Eruptor, who is being prepared for the annual event in the video below.

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