Angry Birds Could Be Worth Over $1 Billion

Bird-flinging craze turns a no-name developer into billion dollar corporation

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Rovio has made one game. One. Single. Game. It's this thing where you fling birds into pig-constructed structures, and it's become popular enough that it could be worth $1 billion dollars.

Grocery stores already stock noise-making Angry Birds toys. The game's expansion in a promotion with the film Rio certainly raised its stock (and levels are exclusive on the DVD/Blu-ray of Rio), and the ad supported free version the Android Marketplace after its explosion on various iOS devices ballooned its popularity.

That's not enough though as developer Rovio is banking everything they have on a single game, a risky venture to be sure, but enough that industry analyst Michael Pachter sees the likes of Disney licensing the franchise for a movie/theme park attraction, Zynga taking a piece for some type of Facebook game, and EA... well, they'll do something with it.

The public remains infatuated with these birds, and the makers of the original Crush the Castle (which "inspired" Angry Birds) are probably kicking themselves in ways people didn't know they could kick themselves. However, the public tires of things quickly, moving onto the next craze with no regard to the past.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go walk my pet rock while wearing my Silly Bandz, clean up its mess with a ShamWow, and trade some of my Pogs. People still do all of that, right?

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