Spring Skylanders SuperChargers Offer a Sweet Alternative to Easter Candy

Activision has a suggestion if you're looking for a change from chocolate eggs.

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All images are courtesy of Activision.

Anticipating that some parents might not want their children to be overdosing on sugar this Easter, Activision has released spring-themed additions to its Skylanders SuperChargers toy offerings. These specially-packaged toys come in brightly-colored egg-shaped plastic packaging.

Eggcited Thrillipede is a largely ivory-toned variant of the regular green, brown and orange Life-type Skylander, Thrillipede. The grenades he carries look like Easter eggs painted yellow and green. The special spring packaging for Eggcited Thrillipede is light green.


More colorful is Spring Ahead Dive Bomber, a bright pink version of the submarine that can be supercharged by the Water-type Skylander Dive-Clops when the two are combined in Skylanders SuperChargers. A seasonal variant of that character, Missile-Tow Dive-Clops, was released by Activision last Christmas. Spring Ahead Dive Bomber comes in blue-packaging.

In addition to these toys, Activision has recently released the Skylanders SuperChargers Racing Land Pack and Power Blue versions of selected toys. The Racing Land Pack comes with Double Dare Trigger Happy, his vehicle Gold Rusher and the Land Trophy, which unlocks new tracks for Skylanders SuperChargers' Racing Mode. The Power Blue toys are designed to promote World Autism Day and are described in more detail here.

Skylanders SuperChargers was released by Activision in September 2015 and is the fifth console game in the popular toys-to-life videogame franchise.

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