Gift It! Activision Has SuperChargers Stocking Stuffers for Every Skylanders Fan

The addition of vehicles adds more options for play to this ever-expanding franchise.

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Still looking for that last minute gift to fill the stocking of a Skylanders fan? Activision would like you to consider 2015's seasonal special character: Missile-Tow Dive-Clops.

This variant on the regular blue Dive-Clops character that was released with Skylanders SuperChargers earlier this year is decked out in a mixture of candy-cane red and white. It also has a green base instead of the brown one that the regular version stands on.

missle-tow-dive-clops (Custom).jpgMissile-Tow Dive-Clops' coloring is reproduced in gameplay but he's not gifted with any additional powers. Nonetheless, serious collectors of Skylanders toys will probably appreciate adding this limited-run character to their options.

Along with the seasonal Dive-Clops, Activision also sent me several other Skylanders SuperChargers character and vehicle toys that could make welcome stocking stuffers for fans of the latest game.

Splat (Custom).jpgThese included three rebooted characters that have been around since the earliest Skylanders games: Lava Lance Eruptor, Hurricane Jet-Vac and Big Bubble Pop Fizz. The last of these is the standout because instead of the sour face we're used to seeing in past generations of this character, Big Bubble Pop Fizz is a comical figure with puffed up cheeks and a giant horn over his head.

Along with these pre-existing characters I received the new Magic type character Splat, who is a female faun with pink crystal horns and a powerful paintbrush that delivers art-inspired attacks. She is a colorful character in more ways than one and a welcome addition to Skylanders' male-biased character line-up.

Splat's super-chargeable ride, the Splatter Splasher, was among the vehicles in Activision's press sampler but the highlight was Thump Truck. This awesome monster truck can be surpercharged by the character Smash Hit and boasts massive chunky tires, armor plating and iron jaws.

This Thump Truck toy feels like a small Tonka truck and it's easy to see kids having fun with it in the game or on the family room floor. Either way, it should come as a welcome surprise if they pull it out of a sock stuffed with Santa's goodies on the big day.

ThumpTruck (Custom).jpg

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