Microsoft Abandons 360 Gloss, Chooses Matte Finish

Microsoft giving up the fight on glossy for something more mundane (yet practical).

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Somewhere, there's a gloss factory that's pissed right now. Microsoft has chosen to ditch the glossy finish of their still recently released, high-end Xbox 360 Slim models. They will begin to utilize the matte finish of the lower end model across all hardware, although the Kinect camera will remain a glossy finish. OCD perfectionist fit commence.

In this regard, good riddance to that finger print-sucking, dust suctioning, light-reflecting monstrosity. Apparently, even Microsoft has realized that a system without a true power button that must be cleaned once a week because of its finish was a bad idea. Ever try cleaning something with touch buttons that can't be turned off? It's not fun.

The boring yet practical matte Xbox 360 units are working their way into stores... right now actually. In other words, if you're down with the gloss, you'll need to head to stores immediately.

Glossy finishes are going the way of the dinosaurs for the home console market. Sony jumped on the matte bandwagon with their own PlayStation 3 slim models about a year ago. Portable systems, on the other hand, still haven't learned, Nintendo's 3DS a nightmare of gloss-induced tragedy.

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