Nintendo Levels Up Splatoon with Major Update

Ink-shooter for Wii U gets new battle modes, weapons, gear and more.

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Nintendo has released a major update to its flagship Wii U game Splatoon. The new downloadable update adds Squad Battle and Private Battle modes as well as two new weapons and 40 additional pieces of gear.

Splatoon is a cartoon-style third-person-shooter video game exclusive to the Wii U console. The main characters, called Inklings, can transform from humanoids into squids and battle opponents with guns that fire ink.

The new Squad Battle mode will let players recruit two to four friends into a squad of ink-splattering Inklings. That squad will then be matched online with another randomly-selected squad. Private Battles can involve between two and eight friends divided among two squads that battle each other.

WiiU_Splatoon_screen_Level50RankS_99 (Custom).jpgThe two new weapon types are the Slosher and the Splatling. The former is like a bucket and allows a player to hurl ink straight ahead while the latter resembles a Gatling gun and fires charge-based blasts. Among the quirky new items of gear are a leather jacket and a sushi-chef costume.

Along with these additions, the update also increases the highest level and rank a player can achieve in Regular Battles and Ranked Battles. The default levels of 20 and A+ will be increased to 50 and S or S+.

WiiU_Splatoon_screen_SquadBattleLobby_01 (Custom).jpgNintendo is promising other free-to-download Splatoon updates in the future, including the so-called Rainmaker Ranked Battle mode, additional maps and more new weapons.

WiiU_Splatoon_artwork_Slosher (Custom).jpg
WiiU_Splatoon_artwork_Splatling (Custom).jpg

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