Nintendo President Apologizes to Early 3DS Adopters

Company president issues formal apology to those who paid full price for their 3DS.

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Nintendo's 3D portable successor to the DS didn't find the market the company was hoping for, selling around 880,000 units domestically since its launch back in March. That's still no small feat, particularly in an economy that continues to crumble. It was alarming enough that Nintendo saw the need to drop the price by a staggering $80, the 3DS soon to retail for $169 here in the States.

Those early adopters -- this writer included -- may feel the sting. Third party support has been sluggish, Nintendo's best effort has been a port of a 10+ year old Zelda title (and a miserable little submarine title called Steel Diver), leaving fans disappointed with the results.

The company is aware of the rumblings around the 'net, Nintendo president Saturo Iwata issuing a formal apology (translation available via Giant Bomb) about a week after slashing his own earnings in half. The letter states honestly the price drop was dramatic and "unprecedented," hoping the offer of 20 free downloadable games from the NES and Game Boy Advance eras would be enough to ease the pain.

More importantly, Iwata points out why such a drop was necessary, stating that retailer and third party confidence simply isn't there currently with the 3DS. Units need to move for that to happen.

A wider community, especially for a console built around interaction with other people via StreetPass functionality, would be a boon for the 3DS, along with better, richer game support. Releases have been paltry, developers tossing out loads of licensed titles with some regularity, although little AAA software has found its way into the waiting hands of handheld owners.

To those who feel burned or ripped off, bare in mind your bonus was having the unit in hand for six months before anyone else. No, price drops like this (or of this magnitude) are not common, but certainly would happen sometime down the line anyway. These feelings of regret and even anger are not abnormal for any price drop, or even a hardware revision, something else that is bound to happen sooner rather the later.

Take solace you can play Super Street Fighter IV, were handed a free 3D Classic in Excitebike, and were part of a launch with 880,000 other eager Nintendo fans.

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