Release Your Virtual Rage with RageGage

Rage on Mr. Angry Pants.

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The next time you get poked on Facebook or someone requests a CityVille zoning permit, you can give him the punch he deserves with a RageGage Connect. The RageGage looks like the spawn of a Whack-A-Mole and a Simon Says game but offers the satisfaction of hurting people you know rather than harmless little marsupials. I am pretty sure moles are marsupials because they look like Prairie Dogs.

Once you have connected the RageGage with USB and downloaded the software, you are ready to pound your fist against an "indestructible" console and take out your frustration on a Facebook friend's profile picture while a tiny robotic voice taunts your patience until you once again find emotional equilibrium. If you are still cross after sufficient damage has been done to your virtual enemy, you can post the results for all to see, or, conversely, you can wallow in your own self-pity at what your life has become.

If you have an urge to sucker punch your high school biology class partner for incessantly cultivating her Farmville farm and clogging up your newsfeed, you can block her, or for an affordable $20, you can unleash the rage. RageGage works similar to most Facebook applications in that it requires access to your Facebook profile and personal information, which usually results in a prompt click on the "deny" button for most, even for those with extreme anger issues.

The RageGage inventor Ian Campbell says he got tired of that "like" button on Facebook and needed the exact opposite: "I wanted a 'Smack' button, but what we've put into RageGage Connect is even better ... and much more gratifying!"

For many, a "dislike" button would be adequate to express disdain with a Facebook post that doesn't meet their approval. Personally, I would like to see a button that gives a quick electrical shock. Not enough to kill, just enough to teach a lesson. However, I can't see myself caring enough to press a dislike button, let alone upload the shattered and beaten image of those whom have annoyed me.

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