Retailers Agitated Over Resident Evil 3DS Release

Developer Capcom has locked the save file from being reset.

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Retailers are responding to a move by Capcom to lock the save files of their recently released Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D. The company has designed the title so that save data cannot be reset; the first player who owns the game will be the only one to experience the progression of the game from the beginning and set high scores. Unlike traditional series entries, Mercenaries is more or less a vintage arcade experience, not a narrative-driven romp through the world of the Umbrella Corporation's doing.

However, the furor has caused stores to take notice, mega gaming reseller GameStop refusing to accept trades until they quickly reversed their decision a day later, offering less than half of the new price in trade, $18. Play 'n Trade, a smaller outlet, is offering a pittance at $8 (for a new title that retails for $40). Online gaming renter Gamefly is not stocking the title, although it does remain listed, just unavailable. Overseas, things are little more testy, HMV still in the refusal stage, and EB Games not even stocking new copies.

Many gamers lashed out at Capcom for attempting to sink the used market through these means. The official response is that it's a technical issue involving the save data being directed to the cart itself, not the external SD memory. The controversy has some merit, although 3DS launch title Super Monkey Ball 3D had the same "feature," minus the debate and retailer fury.

It should be noted though that Capcom is beginning to have a history with consumer unfriendly methods, including "always on" DRM for their PC titles which require a constant Internet connection. They also lock down their games on the PlayStation Network in the same manner, an issue that came to the forefront during the recent PSN downtime.

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