Teen Accused of Killing Nine-Month-Old Over Video Game

Infant murdered by teenager during video game session.

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A 13-year-old in Oklahoma City is currently under investigation after authorities believe he killed his nine-month-old baby sister after she interrupted his video game session.

The parents claimed the baby had fallen when they took her to the hospital for emergency care on August 16. Doctors found the injuries were not consistent with their story and contacted authorities.

The teen, Crystian Rivera, eventually came clean to police, explaining that he became increasingly agitated with the baby's crying as he failed during the unspecified game. He shook his sister who continued to cry and eventually fell asleep. His sister died August 19 from the injuries sustained.

No charges have been filed while Rivera remains in custody. No word on whether or not the parents were actually home when the incident happened.

Video games are, of course, an innocuous link in the death of the nine-month-old, Crystian's own actions the source of her death, something which he should rightfully be drastically punished for. Frustrations with a video game are no excuse for a failure to utilize self-control, and working under the possible assumption that the parents were not home, a 13-year-old taking the responsibility for an infant makes it easier to lay blame.

On the other hand, laying blame doesn't solve anything or bring back the child.

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