Gears of War 3 Offering a $30 DLC Season Pass

Gears of War 3 selling downloadable add-ons that won't exist for a month

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You know what's grand? Purchasing a video game for $60, bringing it home, and realizing you have the chance to spend another $30 on downloadable content that doesn't even exist yet! What a deal!

Such is the case with the latest round of publisher DLC tactics, "season passes" that save fans money on content that doesn't even exist yet. In the case of Microsoft's sure to be mega-hit Gears of War 3, Microsoft and developer Epic are delivering $30 worth of unspecified content if you purchase it via the season pass method.

That's a savings of 33% though, so that's a bonus, right?

gears32.pngIt begs the question of what you're getting for $30, the promised four pieces of content ranging from new characters to new maps to new Horde mode arenas. What if you purchase the package and don't play Horde mode? You've lost money. Don't care about the characters? Don't like the maps? You're out the money.

It has become flabbergasting that people will give this industry money for something that amounts to phantom digital goods, something that hasn't even been seen or previewed. Who are these people and why do they hate their own money?

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