Marissa Nadler To Release Fan-Funded Album

She Will Haunt You For a While

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The ability to communicate feelings and thought with your audience, large or small, is an unmapped road filled with sharp, cutting brambles. That is to say, in the world of music, it can be a brutal experience to share your bared soul in song.  There are a number of requisite talents that must be present.  The most important is that you can connect with your listeners by your words, and how you sing them.  The voice with which you use to express these feelings needs to be one that can bridge the gap between you and the one who hears it.  The entire experience must be connective tissue with those that can share the experience, who can understand it completely.

Sensitive singer-songwriters are found all over those unmapped roads, many wandering aimlessly and unfulfilled, without an understanding audience who can connect.  Once in a while, one finds their way through the menacing thickets.  One such talent is a Boston folk-singer by the name of Marissa Nadler.

Marissa Nadler is a powerful lyricist who has had deep, reflective experiences and who can effectively communicate those experiences in poetic phrases.  Her voice is enchanting, acting as a welcoming beacon for the ones who would hear her melancholic call.  Her compositions are musically gorgeous.

Marissa Nadler released her first album in 2004, and has since released three other full-length sets in addition to an EP of collected songs, three singles, a set featuring outtakes, and an exclusive promo CD of collected songs sold at shows during a 2007 tour.  Critics are beginning to notice the woman who would converse with the unlucky losers of love's game.  They are heaping deserving praise.  I hear a lot of music.  Once in a while, I hear something that stands out.  Marissa Nadler is one that has captivated me.

On June 14, Marissa Nadler will release her fifth album, a self-titled set funded entirely by her fans from a Kickstarter campaign. (Such a campaign allows artists to request fans to supply the money to help record an album, often in return for a copy of the album or other considerations.)  In addition to her new album release, she will release a companion 4-track EP called Rain Arrangement, which is scheduled for July.

NPR Radio has a running, selectable stream of her new album.  In addition, you can freely download (or stream) a song from the new album, "The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You".

Be careful.  Marissa Nadler is quite a contagious talent.


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