Microsoft Shows off Star Wars-themed Xbox 360 at Comic Con

Microsoft panders to space-faring adventurers with R2-D2 inspired console

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Just in case your humble abode wasn't showcasing enough of your geek pride, Microsoft has come to your rescue with an Xbox 360 Star Wars bundle. This glorious package retails for $449, containing an R2-D2 inspired Xbox 360 slim unit, 320GB hard drive, a white Kinect Sensor, Kinect Star Wars game, and a gorgeous all gold C-3PO controller.

Features still roll off the packaging, the best part being the system's ability to play Star Wars-themed sounds. Usually, the Xbox 360 Slim unit dings when a disc is ejected, and beeps when you turn it on or off. This one? It plays R2-D2 jingles when you perform either task, likely meaning nearly everyone of these units will be returned broken as fanboys keep ejecting their games endlessly.

Announced Thursday at Comic Con, the system is set for release this fall, and pre-orders are being taken... right now actually. Gamestop should be pushing them immediately and Amazon should have the unit listed soon. The consoles are being considered a limited edition, although as it tends to go with these things, "limited" is in the eye of the beholder. Still, it plays R2-D2 whistles and beeps. There's no way these will last.

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