Microsoft's Annual Summer of Arcade Begins Anew

A slate of five digital titles that represent the best of the Xbox 360's diigtal offerings begins today.

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Microsoft has wisely seen the gap in summer gaming content, pushing forward with their digital download marketplace and the Summer of Arcade promotion for the third year running. Each Wednesday for five weeks, the Xbox 360 pings a new fresh title for download, this weeks addition being the action role-playing game Bastion. It's a beautiful, hand painted, narrative-driven storybook, complete with a narrator who guides a young child on a quest to restore a broken world.

Next week, July 27th produces the simulation/creation title From Dust, followed on August 3rd by action/puzzler Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, August 10th for the updated-from-mobile Fruit Ninja Kinect, and August 17th marking the arrival of the '80sploitation-fest Toy Soldiers: Cold War.

All games come in at 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) with the exception of Fruit Ninja Kinect; that's 800 Points ($10). Those who buy them all will receive an additional game for free in September, another action RPG called Crimson Alliance. The latter will otherwise run you 1200 Points. In other words, even if you don't have a Kinect camera and want Crimson Alliance, picking up Fruit Ninja will still save you $5.

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