Are Jay Electronica's Tweets To Be Believed? No Bowie On His Album

Bowie says no collaboration with the outspoken rapper.

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Will David Bowie ever re-enter the public sphere? It doesn’t look like he’s planning anything soon, despite the fact that Jay Electronica hinted in a tweet earlier this week that he had collaborated with the still-Thin White Duke: “What if I told you we even got David Bowie singing bg vox [background vocls] on record."

Even if Bowie isn’t active, doesn’t mean he hasn’t set any Google Alerts. A statement on his website attests to the fact, simply stating:

"Following reports of tweets suggesting a vocal contribution yesterday, we can tell you that David Bowie is not singing on the new album by Jay Electronica.”

According to the Digital Spy this isn’t the only time the Bowie monolith has had to disabuse rumors of collobarations. Earlier reports had him working with Lady Gaga on a track called “Vinyl,” then working on a comedy film project with Mick Jagger which was described as “piffle.” Now that’s some piffle we’d like to see. How to put an end to these rumors? Get out there and release something!

As for Mr. Electronica, Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Term) is completed and is about to be unleashed—if Mr. E’s other tweets are to be believed:

Album soon come. Ask Bun B, he heard the album in its entirety. a thouand [sic] kisses to all of those who have supported me since Act I: Eternal Sunshine (the pledge). I am grateful for your patience. I will not let any of you down. I promise. I will not let any of you down. I promise.

No release date has been given for the album, but you will be able to see the Jay next month, when he’s set to take to the stage supporting Radiohead in Manchester. Or not:

@JayElectronica: ps, dear England, i have a show with Radiohead in Manchester next month. stop by. it will be amazing.

Amazing or not, the tweet was removed shortly after he posted it. But giving some credence to its veracity is Thom Yorke, who listed “Exhibit C” by Jay Electronica on one of his Office charts last year.

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