Blink-182 Comes Out Of Hiatus To Deliver Neighborhoods, Their First Since 2003

Their new single "Up All Night" hints at a revitalized band.

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Punk/pop had become a strong style of music after the '80s ended with successes coming like arriving meteors for bands like Green Day, Sum 41, and the many that followed them. One of those bands who achieved high popularity was Blink-182.

Blink-182 is the name of the band collectively attended to by three Southern Californians who, as young boys, played together musically. As the band became more cohesive, the music began to come together, bringing them to an inevitable collision with an increasingly appreciative audience. Mark Hoppus (bass), Tom DeLonge (guitar), and Scott Reynor (drums) soon signed to MCA Records from a series of demos (Buddha, 1993), and an indie-released album, Cheshire Cat (1994), which contained more than a few re-recorded tracks from that demo album, Buddha. Those re-recorded 'new' songs were tighter, more professionally presentable, and mixed in with actual new songs to make up the studio debut.

Their follow-up to Cheshire Cat, the Cargo Records/MCA Records-released Dude Ranch from 1997, was a solid, well-produced classic punk set that put the band on the map as an important part of the punk/pop market. At that time, the punk/pop market held easy sway over most forms of popular music. Dude Ranch sold millions in several markets including the US and Canada. After the release of Dude Ranch, the band let Scott Reynor go due to unresolved personal issues, and recruited Travis Barker into the seat behind the drums. The rest was, as they say, history in the making.

With Enema Of The State (1999), the band delivered an anticipated album with a highly satisfying big sound, even more cultivated and polished than their past works. The album sold incredibly well with sales pumped well past the 10 million mark, counting more countries with large-scale fans than ever before. With classic tunes like the album's single, “What's My Age Again?”, and deeper cuts like “Mutt,” “Adam's Song,” and “All The Small Things,” Enema Of The State remains the band's go-to album.


They followed up with the excellent Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (2001), before signing with a new label, Geffen Records, and releasing an eponymously titled label debut album in 2003. That album explored new variations on their music that I would call healthy maturation.

However, in 2005 the band took a hiatus to work through what usually happens with bands, a wearing out of their original desires. With fame having already been achieved, the band having expressed their musical ideas, they broke apart. Fortunately, great talent rises again. After a few years apart, the band announced a reformation with a new album planned for the near future.

After a few missteps in scheduling, the band has announced their latest album, now known as Neighborhoods. The highly anticipated Neighborhoods is now on the official schedules for September 27. On that date, Interscope Records will release the album on CD, DD, and LP versions.  Currently, the band is already on tour to support it.

With a strong catalog from this immensely talented band, it will be great fun to hear what Blink-182 has created.

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