Elle King: An Emerging Talent To Watch

"Don't have no conscious 'bout my evil ways"

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A song that commands instant attention is a rarity. With the wealth of songs being created in today's technologically enabling environment, it's easy to overlook the uniqueness of a singer, the musical cohesion of a band, or the perfect song. They're out there. They're just tucked into a global haystack of Internet connections and portals.

I was directed to an Elle King track on Soundcloud (a repository of songs). The song, "It's Good To Be A Man," at first seems like a confusing title for a song sung by a female but is filled top to bottom with dripping sarcasm, something you later realize. The first thing that you notice about the song is not the words, it's the extraordinary voice singing them.


Elle King, the owner of the voice that sounds like too many cigarettes, is an Ohio-born, Brooklyn-raised girl in love with the old school art of music and its many styles. Encouraged by a musically inclined step-father, Elle learned to craft her tunes around that upbringing, using, in the case of "It's Good To Be A Man," a banjo. But that doesn't put the song into clear and absolute country territory. Instead, the banjo elevates the song further, making it a captivating singer-songwriter's observation of a man's deplorable behavior patterns (as seen by a woman). It's a great rock tune with folk and Americana styles tucked in.

Elle King has several other songs available on her MySpace page and her Soundcloud page. The best part? She is beginning to stir interest. Not much is known about her right now other than she has one hell of a voice, and that she can craft engaging songs. Only time will tell where King arrives and how she is received. But right now, I'm mesmerized. I'm betting that you'll be just as fascinated by the new kid on the block, the one we really want to hear more of by way of a proper album.

Elle King is a young, emerging talent to watch.

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