English Folk Duo Smoke Fairies Release New Album, Blood Speaks

Blood Speaks is not an album to ignore, and so you shouldn't!

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I've always maintained that the most interesting music overall is found in the good ol' United Kingdom. Seems that I've always felt that way. And with good reason. A brief count-off will land you some great UK bands—something about taking music and doing quite interesting things with it. Well, that's what UK folk duo Smoke Fairies are doing these days.

Comprised of Jessica Davies and Katherine Blamire, friends since their high school days in Sussex but now based in London, their modern brand of folk brings to mind that genre's classic days from many decades earlier. But their catchy, sometimes psychedelic ("The Three of Us") songs will have you anticipating a replay before you finish with their music from any of their albums. With hints of October Project and, at times, Fleetwood Mac, you would be surprised at the depth and range of talent these girls possess.

SmokeFairiesBloodSpeaks.jpgWith a just released album in England, this duo has taken heartbreak, longing and desire and crafted a collection of intriguing songs that will have a chance at residing in your consciousness for some time after you have heard them. "Daylight," a rich tune with all the beauty of history spilling from it, is ably followed by "Blood Speak." There's a New Orleans tinge to "Version of the Future" that you should indulge. I have a personal fondness for "Daylight" and consider it the pick of the collection. But with ten great songs, Blood Speaks (the name of this new album, their second) is nothing short of an album that you need to get your hands on.

Blood Speaks was released in the UK this week. The album is already planned for a US release in the not too distant future. If you haven't heard of them, it's time you got on it. Smoke Fairies are to be heard — and noticed for what may be one of the more exciting UK bands to experience this young year.

I'm entranced!

For more on Smoke Fairies, visit their website. There, you will be treated with an opportunity to download a free MP3 from their debut album just for stopping by.

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