Due in October: Son Volt's Classic Trace - Expanded and Remastered

Trace defined Son Volt on their rise after the mourned demise of alt country legend, Uncle Tupelo

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After the break-up of popular alt country band Uncle Tupelo, a band who had a brief run of seven years with four well-loved albums during that period, Jay Farrar decided to form Son Volt. Son Volt picked up where Uncle Tupelo left off, perhaps with a more directed sense of musical style propelled by Farrar. With the release of their first album, Son Volt effectively cemented themselves as a worthy band. Trace (1995) hit all the right strides. After Trace, Son Volt has released a string of classic albums with Warner Brothers Records and these days with Rounder Records.

On October 30, Rhino Records will team with Warner Brothers Records to reissue the band's best-loved album, Trace, for an expanded and remastered deluxe edition over a two-CD set. The deluxe edition will carry the original album, along with eight demos of songs from the album. The second CD will contain a 15-track live set from their February 12, 1996 show at The Bottom Line, a much loved Greenwich Village (New York City) music venue.

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In addition to the two-CD 20th anniversary deluxe edition, there will be an LP version of the remastered album, as well as downloadable digital tracks.An expanded booklet will elaborate upon the classic debut further with new notes, more photos, and extensive credits for the album's 1995 production.

In terms of a bit more background info about the popular alt country band, Son Volt was formed in 1994. Jay Ferrar teamed with a former drummer of Uncle Tupelo and two other musicians to carry on a measure of success. Over the years, Son Volt has continued, albeit with a changing line-up that currently does not have any of the original members other than its original impetus, Jay Ferrar.

The tw-CD deluxe edition of Trace will be reissued on October 30. There will also be a 180g vinyl LP of the original album and a digital download planned for the same date.

Trace - Son Volt

CD1: Trace (1995)

01 - Windfall
02 - Live Free
03 - Tear Stained Eye
04 - Route
05 - Ten Second News
06 - Drown
07 - Loose String
08 - Out of the Picture
09 - Catching On
10 - Too Early
11 - Mystifies Me
12 - Route (demo)
13 - Drown (demo)
14 - Out of the Picture (demo)
15 - Loose String (demo)
16 - Live Free (demo)
17 - Too Early (demo)
18 - Catching On (demo)
19 - Windfall (demo)

CD2: Live from the Bottom Line/February 12, 1996

01 - Route
02 - Loose
03 - String
04 - Catching On
05 - Live Free
06 - Anodyne
07 - Windfall
08 - Slate
09 - Out Of the Picture
10 - Tear Stained Eye
11 - True to Life
12 - Cemetery Savior
13 - Ten Second News
14 - Drown
15 - Looking for a Way Out
16 - Chickamauga

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