Fleetwood Mac Fans Get Expanded Editions of Rumours

Rhino Records will reissue Rumours in several formats.

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Fleetwood Mac is one of those rare bands with several great lineups that are pointed to frequently by fans of their several eras. The Peter Green period yielded several great albums like the eponymous first album. Soon, the lineup gravitated toward Danny Kirwin and Bob Welch, whose contributions led to excellent works like Bare Trees, and later, Heroes Are Hard to Find. But it wasn't until the arrival of Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, a recording duo, that Fleetwood Mac found massive mainstream acceptance.

In 1975, the new lineup started as if anew and titled their latest album with just their name, Fleetwood Mac. That album would catapult the band and sell upwards of five million units, generating three US hits (four if you count the underrated Christine McVie-sung "Warm Ways," which was successful as a single in the UK).

But just two years later, the band would release their most important album yet. Rumours chalked up four hit singles ("Go Your Own Way," "Don't Stop," "Dreams," "You Make Lovin' Fun"). The album itself went multi-platinum, selling 19 million units in just the US alone. Another 30 million plus were sold throughout the rest of the world making Rumours one of the all-time great successes. And no wonder. With the album's impressively well-known 11 tracks, it's hard to argue where it stands. Some may argue which era of Fleetwood Mac was better (Green, Kirwin, Welch, McVie, Buckingham/Nicks), but Rumours is hard to dispute.


On January 28 (UK) and January 29 (US), Rhino Records (a division of Warner Music) will reissue Rumours in several formats, including a three-CD Expanded Edition set that includes the album (with B-side "Silver Springs"), a disc of live music from the Rumours period, and a third CD filled with demos, acoustic, alternate, and instrumental sets of Rumours tunes. If you want to dive in and collect more, there will be a Super Deluxe Edition with LP, FOUR CDs (an extra CD is provided with collectible outtakes and early versions, 18 tracks in all), and a DVD featuring The Rosebud Film.


If you're a fan of Fleetwood Mac, or more to the point, if you're a fan of Rumours, then late in January 2013 is your lucky time.

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