Florence + The Machine to Release New Album

New album is preceded by single, "What the Water Gave Me."

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Upon hearing the beauty, grace, and power of "Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine, it’s easy to become infatuated by Florence Welch’s deep well of talent. That song may have already been known to a loyal group of followers, but it was an open door that attracted new fans. The song is found on Welch’s 2009 debut album, Lungs.

With a Kate Bush appeal, Florence Welch is not your standard diva with distinct pop sensitivities. She's not afraid to take a risk. With these unusual traits in play, she has driven herself to the forefront of music and plans to stay there for a while.

Florence Welch is the main drive of The Machine. The Machine merely happens to represent anyone who she fancies enough to help her deliver her music via the studio or the stage. Welch began her musical journey in the UK with her remarkably diverse debut album. Soon, an adoring audience sent the album to a coveted number one spot. A few months after the album’s successful UK entry, Lungs was introduced to the US.

The album opens with the captivating avant-garde styled pop track, “Dog Days Are Over.” Lungs effectively works its magic by delivering a brilliantly sequenced set of songs. Following the opener is the Kate Bush-like “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up).” "Howl," while strongly pop-oriented, changes the direction of the album a bit. The album’s lead-off single, “Kiss With A Fist” is a strong punk-styled rocker that helps to showcase the musically adept Welch and her innate ability to create a wide-ranging attraction.

All told, Lungs provided a mind-boggling six singles during its high-charting tenure atop both the UK and US sales charts. Lungs also did well in various other markets including Australia, Canada, and Ireland (where the album was certified an impressive four times platinum). The album contains 13 songs, most composed by the artful London-born singer-songwriter.

Lungs soon took on a curious life as it morphed into a two-disc deluxe set, Between the Lungs. That reissue gives access to live tracks, exclusive remixes, a duet with Dizzee Rascal, and a bonus song, “Heavy In Your Arms.” That bonus song found a life as a released representative single.

Lungs: The B-Sides, a digital-only release, gives even more of the Florence + The Machine phenomena. It collects a variety of tracks to further augment the Lungs powerhouse.

FlorenceAndTheMachineWhatTheWaterGaveMe.jpgIn August, a new single from an upcoming album was released. The gospel-like song, “What the Water Gave Me,” gives a satisfying taste of what lies ahead. With her powerful voice, she gives the song a kinetic energy. The song, like previous efforts, boasts a Kate Bush flavoring without becoming a clone. Whether it proves to be the album’s best song remains to be heard.

The currently untitled album has been slated for a UK release on October 31. A two-disc Deluxe Edition is also planned. The US market, which always seems to have to wait for the good stuff, is slated for import availability on November 8.

Fans? Florence Welch has plenty. A few more won’t hurt, so treat yourself.

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