Friday Music Madness: Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Slash, Marilyn Manson, Brian Wilson, Heather Mills

Iggy gets philanthropic, Slash gets serpentine, and other good stuff...

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Now that Nirvana producer and famous Chicagoan Steve Albini has a food blog (he made Mrs. Albini dolmas last night) should we expect noted rock fan Anthony Bourdain to produce the upcoming Iggy Pop record? We didn't think so.

But Iggy did allow the cheeky celebrity chef rights to use the Stooges' "Down on the Street" gratis for Bourdain's No Reservations show on the Travel Channel -- something that is almost unthinkable given how much money he's made on "Lust For Life" on Royal Caribbean Cruises. Bourdain (who has said that Muhammad Ali and Pop are the two historical figures he most admires) isn't the only one who is the beneficiary of Iggy's largess.

He just finished a brooding track called "Milk Cow Blues" that will be for sale for the next month along with exclusive tunes by other stellar artists including Tom Waits, Neon Trees, Dave Stewart, Moby, Maroon 5, and Andy Summers for $18.95 at PledgeMusic to benefit the David Lynch Foundation, which makes available stress-reducing meditation to at-risk youth and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Does Iggy meditate himself? We certainly hope not; that would probably silence his anxious muse. But we do know that he has practiced daily qigong for the past three decades both to quiet his mind and keep that svelte girlish shape much like his old nemesis, Lou Reed. They can compare muscle tone at this year's Hog Farm on July 2, where they'll be sharing the bill with the esteemed Patti Smith and Morrissey.

Speaking of Reed, it doesn't look that he's made good on his promise to make an album with Metallica this year. Instead, he and Mrs. Reed, Laurie Anderson, curated an installation in Sydney, which included a concert for dogs. No, these aren't songs with a canine theme, but music that only dogs could hear -- kind of an inverse Metal Machine Music. Just to let us know that was only a momentary high culture lapse, Reed performs on July 4 at the Hammersmith Apollo and will do a few dates with his Metal Machine Trio. He's also to release a DVD of his performance at Lollapalooza 2009, available through his Sister Ray Enterprises.

slash.jpgJust when you think that no one is reading your tweets, we get news that someone was certainly reading Slash's after he enthused about visiting the snake he donated to the Los Angeles Zoo. The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association has decided to present him with an award at its 41st Annual Beastly Ball on June 18 at the Los Angeles Zoo. The Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver guitarist will be given the first Tom F. Mankiewicz Leadership Award in recognition of his longtime contributions to establishing environmental welfare programs. Slash is also a trustee on the association's board and has supported the L.A. Zoo and zoos around the world. But it's not only snakes he's enamored of -- among Slash's pet (sorry!) projects was the 2009 campaign to urge the city council to complete a new habitat for endangered Asian elephants.

Even though Lady Gaga appeared on American Idol on Wednesday looking uncomfortably like Marilyn Manson, don't worry. It seems that the 42-year-old shock rocker is ready for his own close-ups. It seems he's approached filmmaker Tyler Shields about a part in Eyes of a Dreamer, his upcoming film on the Sharon Tate murders. Realizing that he'd never get the part of Charles Manson, he pitched himself to take on the part of the Manson's second in command, Tex Watson. If this all seems a little familiar to you, you might remember Lindsay Lohan has been toying with playing murder victim Sharon Tate.

Brian Wilson is set to perform a concert of new material at the Royal Festival Hall in London later this year, but according to an interview with The Evening Standard, the long beleaguered artist intimated that he may be retiring from live performing. He told the publication that getting ready to tour was "very hard work" and that preparing for a new show fills him with anxiety. "I'm always afraid just before I go on stage because I'm not sure how the concert's going to work," he said. "This could be the last time I play here. I'm going to miss it but I'm getting a little bit old for touring," said the 68-year-old. His management did not return calls, but a source close to the iconic artist told us, "There's no way that he will retire from performing, he was just having a bad day."

Speaking of bad days, Heather Mills injured her shoulder in a skiing accident on Wednesday, May 11, just days after news that her ex, Sir Paul McCartney, announced his engagement to New York businesswoman Nancy Shevell.  According to the Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung, Heather, who is attempting to be part of he Great Britain ski team for the 2014 Paralympics Winter games in Russia, was taken to a nearby hospital by a helicopter but no surgery was required but apparently privacy was, despite it being unclear that any one knew who she was. At her request, her hospital bed was cordoned off.

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