Headbangers' Balls and Chain

Metallica prepping new album, rocking Big 4 shows

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No matter how much grousing Metallica did about Rick Rubin when they were in preproduction for 2008's Death Magnetic, the heavy metal behemoths have tapped the veteran producer for their next unnamed album which they plan to begin recording later this month.

It makes a certain amount of sense, since at least three of the cuts they recorded with Rubin for Magnetic -- and previewed to members of the press prior to that album's release -- didn't end up on the final version of the album. We wouldn't be surprised if they saw the light of day on this new opus. If you don't believe us, maybe you'll listen to the usually circumspect bassist Robert Trujillo, who admitted to Palm Springs Radio station KCLB last week that Rubin will be behind the controls for the next album, calling the veteran producer "a Zen guru spirit that Metallica needs right now."

Wait, didn't they already have that when they hired performance coach Dr. Phil Towle at reportedly cool $40,000 a month to straighten out their problems as documented in 2004's Some Kind of Monster?

No matter how they've gone about it, from all appearances the fearsome foursome has gotten rid of most of their issues. How else were they able to pull off their first Stateside Big 4 concert on April 23 in Indio, California (yes, where Coachella took place the week before) with former rivals Anthrax, Slayer and especially Megadeth, the band lead by former Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine, who was ousted out of the band back in 1983 because of his rather nefarious habits and overly aggressive behavior.

You remember, that's when his band mates unceremoniously packed up Mustaine's gear and drove him to the Port Authority Bus Terminal putting him on a Greyhound bus bound for Los Angeles in an incident Mustaine has referred to as "no warning, no second chance." Well, it certainly looked like he got that second chance during Metallica's encore in front of 60,000 witnesses at their post-Coachella gig. After a blistering cover of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal progenitors, Diamond Head's "Am I Evil" -- which featured most of the members of the four bands -- former antagonists James Hetfield and Mustaine were spotted hugging and backslapping each other.

In fact, that show went over with such a bang that they've scheduled another Big 4 bash for September 14, 20011 at the new Yankee Stadium. In case you want to see these infamous headbangers kiss and make up again, seats for this show go on sale on sale Friday, May 6 at 10:00 AM via www.ticketmaster.com.

If you're a Met Club member, you can log in for more information about a special pre-sale starting on Wednesday, May 4. Yankees season ticket holders will have their own pre-sale, also on May 4, starting at noon.

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